This is the boring, but also the most important page on this blog. Please take a read and keep in mind all of the below points.
  • All products review or mentioned on this blog are done so in a truthful, unbiased way. My posts will be based on my personal experiences and opinions of the product.
  • From time to time, I may be sent products to review. In this case, I will mark the post with an asterisk (*) to make my readers aware that the product I am speaking about was sent to me by a company. 
  • If I do not like a product due to it not being right for my skin type or personal qualities, leading to a negative reaction, you can request for me to not review the product at all. I would much rather not review a product than write a really negative review about it. However, all reviews that are posted  on this blog will be 100% truthful and based on only my own opinion and experiences. I do not accept requests to write only positive reviews of products. 
  • Following on from that last sentence, I do not accept third-party content for sponsored posts on my blog. This is because I wish to keep my blog written by only me, to keep my freedom when writing about the things I choose to share with my readers. 
  • I do not accept guest blogger content. I like to keep my blog personal to me, with only my writing and opinions. All writing and pictures will be my own unless clearly stated otherwise
  • I have full rights to my content and will not accept any request to change the style of my writing or content on my blog. 
  • All images and photographs featured on my blog are taken and edited by myself (unless otherwise stated) and I reserve the full copyrights. If you wish to use my images, you must contact me beforehand and wait for permission before doing so. 
  • All reviews and opinion-based posts are made up of my own experiences and opinions. Please keep in mind that although a product may work for me, it may not work for you in the same way.

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