A few weeks back I saw these beautiful razors on Facebook and reached out to Friction Free Shaving to ask for collaboration on my blog. I hate shaving, it's such a tedious job and it always needs to be done. Come's so annoying, right? You shave your legs and the day after, they're prickly's just never ending! So, after seeing these on Facebook I had to try them! I wanted to see if they would make a difference to my shave and whether it would feel better shaving 'friction free'. 

Friction Free Shaving are a company that offer subscriptions to shaving packs. These packs get sent to your house once a month and start from as little as £3 per month. Yes, £3 per month (I know)! They offer different blade styles and different razor styles in their packages. The razors come in a very little cardboard box, perfect to slide through your post box. 

This pack is called Samantha. It costs £7 per month and contains a beautiful orange and rose gold razor with 4 blades which are really easy to replace. Friction Free blades prevent shaving rash and irritation. I quite often get shaving rashes if I am in a rush, which is quite often. Since using these FFS blades, I haven't had a problem. They glide along your skin so much nicer and it gives you a really close shave.

I am on my last blade in this pack but I am seriously considering subscribing to this service. Plus, how beautiful is this razor?

update: FFS have recently changed their razor name to Rose for £9 per month. I am subscribed to this service and receive my new pack every month! 

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