On the 9th of July, I ran the Bristol Bloggers Meet at the Cosy Club in Bristol. 15 lovely bloggers turned up and I had an absolutely amazing day. The Cosy Club let out a room for us to have the meet in - it was a little room so a bit more cosy than I'd expected, but it worked really well. Despite it being really warm, everyone looked absolutely gorgeous!

The event ran for 3 and a half hours. We had brands come along to demonstrate and talk about their products which I really enjoyed watching. We also had a huge raffle and goody bags that were packed to the rim! For my first event, I must say it went really, really well. I felt a bit like a headless chicken running around trying to get everything done but it was so worth it!


So, the day started off with grabbing a few drinks from the bar and then grabbing a seat. I spoke a little bit about what I wanted from the meet and who we had supporting us. We then had Liam from OTR (Off The Record) talk to us about the charity and what they do. OTR are a charity that support young people in Bristol with mental health issues. I found this part really interesting as he mentioned a lot I didn't even know about. I wanted to support OTR due to personal experience with several mental health issues; this year has been especially difficult but things are on the up! We raised a total of £118 for OTR. I cannot say how proud that makes me feel! Thank you to all that donated to the pots and raffle!



We were also fortunate enough to have Weleda come along to the event. Their Skin Food is 90 years old this year and we had a little celebration for that. Sophie and Naomi from Weleda demonstrated a few products, including the Skin Food. I personally think this made the event! I know the other girls very much enjoyed this part too. Sophie and Naomi were lovely and I am so glad they came along!


As well as Weleda, we had Chelsey and her friend (not sure of her name :( ) from Chelsea Candle come along. Chelsey spoke about her new diffusers and also her new candle scents. We all had a smell of the candles and I must say, my favourite is the Gooseberry and Elderflower scent. It's so fresh and dreamy, I even got to keep a diffuser for my house. They are the best diffusers I have ever used! They are supposed to last for about 3 months and they're priced well, so definitely worth investing!


After the event, we packed up and left the venue. We then headed into the shopping area of Bristol and went to Chanii B Shoes. Chantal, the designer, showed us around the store and let us try on a few shoes. We all had something we absolutely loved, some of us loved the heels, some loved the sandals and others went for the bags and accessories. A small minority bought some things and went home very happy indeed. Chantal was lovely and we were very lucky to be able to get an exclusive look into her designs and store.

By this time we were all getting pretty tired. We had already gone down to 7 or 8 of us and the rest of us were all ready to head home and put our feet up. I must say, wearing heels was not a good idea at all! Silly me. Before heading home, I went off to The Slug And Lettuce with Ami from Perks of Being Ami. We had a cocktail and then headed home to put our feet up.

I enjoyed every part of the day and we were so lucky to have so many brands support us. I will do a separate post for the goody bag contents with first impressions/reviews when I get around to trying the products.

Thank you to all of the lovely bloggers that came along to the event. I felt so supported at the event when I was so nervous talking in front of everyone. I cannot wait to organise the next - I have made so many blogging friends and I hope the friendships remain for a long time.

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