Intea Hair Lightening Review

Intea Hair Lightening Before and After
Four weeks ago I had Intea contact me, asking if I wanted to try out some new products of theirs. Of course I said yes and within a week the products were with me. I was gifted the Blond Highlights Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask along with the Natural Blond Hair Lotion. For three weeks I have been testing these products to see whether they actually do what they say. After several treatments, I have finally got to the stage where I have seen huge results and I now have a lot to share about my experience.

Now, I am not going to lie, if you don't have a little time to faff around with your hair after you have washed it, there's no point in trying these products. Unless you are really going to invest some time into really trying these products, you won't see massive changes, or at least not as quick as I did. Things like this definitely take time, but it's worth it in the end!

When I first looked at the products I noticed how unique the branding was. The products come in professional looking packaging. Intea as a brand was founded in Spain 100 years ago, so there's a lot of Spanish on the packaging. The products are also quite big, I found that they have lasted quite a long time. I have used all of the shampoo and I managed to use that about 10 times. I still have half of the lotion left, a third of the hair mask and a little conditioner. I found that a little product went a long way. These products contain chamomile which is good for your hair because it adds a natural glow and keeps the scalp moisturised. I am not too keen on the scent of the camomile, but it definitely smells quite fresh and summery. These products only contain 3.9% of hydrogen peroxide and so cause very little damage to the hair. And what's more, the products are completely plant based and are not tested on animals!
Intea Blond Highlights Products

The Shampoo and Conditioner 
The shampoo and conditioner are from the Blond Highlights range. I don't think they are used to highlight hair tone, but to maintain highlights. Seeing as my hair has lighter sections naturally, it was good to try this out. It is perfect for those that have had highlights or dyed their hair blond because sometimes overtime the colour can fade so it needs maintaining. I did like the shampoo but I found that it took a little more product to create a good lather and left my hair feeling kind of dry and knotted. I definitely think it's best used with the conditioner to soften it afterwards. The conditioner goes a long way and I still have some left now.
Intea Blond Highlights Mask

The Hair Mask
After washing my hair, it always felt quite dry and knotted - even sometimes after using conditioner. I found that the hair mask softened my hair and made it feel a lot healthier. It requires a little more 'faffing' around in terms of application. You have to apply it to towel dried hair (the bottom half of your hair only) and then leave it for 10 minutes before washing it out. But it's definitely worth it for glowing hair! The tiniest bit of this product goes a massive way!
Intea Blond Highlights Shampoo and Conditioner

The Hair Lotion
I loved all of these products but the hair lotion is definitely my favourite of all four. This is definitely the product that made my hair so much lighter. You spray it on after the shower (after using the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask), tie your hair up for half an hour and then blow dry it or let the sun dry it. You don't need to wash out the lotion which is convenient. It's such an easy product to use and it doesn't contribute to hair oils which is a bonus!
Intea Hair Lightening Review

Intea Hair Lightening Results

Intea Hair Lightening Results
Overall, I am extremely impressed with the outcome of this three-week treatment. I am not planning to continue it any further as I don't want to lighten my hair anymore, but I would definitely recommend these products to anyone looking to brighten their hair. I must admit, the comparison pictures really surprise me. I knew there had been a change in my hair colour, but not this big a change. I didn't see how much of a difference there was until I compared pictures. Considering I have only been using these products for 3 weeks and for roughly 9-10 treatments, the results are amazing! It's like I have dyed my hair but without damaging it. It's now the perfect colour for the summer months.

I have actually been lucky enough to be able to hold a giveaway for three hair lightening lotions. The lotion is without a doubt my favourite product from Intea and I cannot recommend it enough. Adding a glow to your hair for summer is a brilliant idea and this is the way to go about it! Quick, easy, natural and convenient!

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Disclaimer: These products were received on a gifting basis. The giveaway if for three hair lotions and there will be three separate winners chosen via Rafflecopter. The giveaway ends on the 17th of June 2016. I do not take responsibility for products that are lost in the post or occurrences that are out of my control. Intea will send the products directly to the winners.


  1. thats amazing! perfect for my daughter! your hair colour looks beautiful and natural

    1. Thank you for entering! Good luck! It's a fantastic product!

  2. Great review - love seeing the before and after photos because you can tell it REALLY works! Even as a natural blondie I'm always looking for more ways to lighten my hair so I'll definitely have to check these out! X


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