24/04/2016 Bath, Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, UK

On Thursday, for the first time in about a year, my hair had a pamper. For months and months, I have been searching for a regular hair salon to go to. I've been all over the place, but I have never really been that wowed by any I have come across. I like to have a regular salon to go back to, a place where I can trust the staff and products they use. I mean, who doesn't? So, for about 18 months, I have been searching for a regular hairdressers that I can go to when I want a trim. On Thursday when I went to an appointment at FrontLineStyle hair and beauty salon in Bath I wasn't sure what to expect. I wasn't sure whether it would be just like any other salon, or whether it might become my regular...but here's what I thought...

I booked an appointment with a lady called Ellie Frew. She is a brilliant hairdresser. I asked her for some advice on what I should do with my fringe (I am growing it out) and she made some recommendations. Ellie was very knowledgeable and told me about the training she had done, along with the training she is still undergoing. As a salon, they train all of their staff in hair loss, with close links to the NHS. But, as well as that, Ellie is also a Great Lengths hair extensions specialist. As a part of that, she has training about the scalp and certain conditions. I am definitely reassured by hairdressers that speak about their specialist training - it makes me feel like I am in good hands!



I have always liked to keep my hair long, but growing long hair often comes with dry, split ends - particularly if you're like me and don't get your hair cut for a year!! I wanted to get rid of the dead ends and re-hydrate my hair to bring out it's shine again. I thought it was impossible, but by the end of my session, I had shiny, silky hair again. It feels amazing to have such soft hair again after a year of dead, dry, split ends. I walked out of the salon with a new shampoo and conditioner, and a whole new look. My hair even looks lighter now, which is completely bizarre! So many people have asked "have you dyed your hair? It looks lighter". I guess it's the shine! 

To start, Ellie washed my hair with Sebastian shampoo and conditioner. She explained every step as she went. After she had washed my hair, Ellie gave me a scalp massage and explained that it would help to stimulate hair growth. I've never been to a salon where I was talked through the process of hair washing and massages. I actually found it really interesting. When we returned back to the hair station, Ellie made a few recommendations, blow dried my hair and then got on with to process of making my hair healthy again. While I sat with a glass of water and a magazine, she worked miracles on my hair.

After my experience at FrontLineStyle, I have decided that I am going to call it my regular salon. The staff were all really lovely and the prices were also good for the service you get. I think I may return to get some highlights in a month or so, ready for summer. 

I highly recommend FrontLineStyle, their staff are brilliant, prices are good (...they also offer student discount!) and the service you get it outstanding. And what's more, they are also a health and beauty salon...why not get a facial while you're at it? FrontLineStyle is up there on my list of favourite salons ever!

PHOTO CREDIT: the lovely Emily from The Little Beauty Guide. Thank you Emily!


  1. Ah awesome! I'm completely the same, I usually have two hair cuts a year! I like it shoulder length but I also like it long so when it gets so long that it's annoying I chop it off again haha But how strange that it looks lighter..? Your hair does look gorgeous though, so shiny!

  2. Great list of posts! This will help me A LOT, thanks x


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