This week I was lucky enough to be able to meet my friend, Gen, for lunch after not seeing her for nearly 2 months. We decided to head somewhere local that we hadn't been to before, so we went to Boston Tea Party on Park Street, in Clifton, Bristol. Boston Tea Party is a chain of cafes found in some cities of the UK. They source the majority of their products from the South West of England, where the majority of their stores are.
Boston Tea Party
When we arrived at the restaurant, the first thing that hit me was the layout. It has a very rustic and old but authentic look. The units were a worn-wooden material and the accessories were all quite vintage. Upon walking into the cafe, the bar - where you order food - is in front of you, with a few tables to the right and a flight of stairs in the corner, leading to more tables.

It has quite an independent service basis with the fact that you have to grab your own menu, find your own table and then order at the bar. I certainly prefer it this way. We spent a lot of time choosing from the menu - everything sounded so tempting - so it was nice to not be pressured into ordering. I must admit, there's so much I could have had. It makes a good excuse to go back there, soon!

Boston Tea Party Review
This was a part of the bar which I thought looked very cute. I had to take a quick picture! I really like the writing on the tins and milk jug. Having little accessories on show definitely makes cafes that little bit more perky.
Boston Tea Party Menu
Boston Tea Party Table
Boston Tea Party Menus
The menus themselves were quite simplistic and an old brown colour to fit with the theme of the cafe. I quite like the clip board idea for the menus. The food they offered was brilliant! They had a range of meat dishes, as well as foods that were suitable for vegans and vegetarians (maybe that's why I liked it so much). Being a pescatarian (no meat, only fish) myself, I do feel like it is hard to go out and find a meal I really enjoy. There just isn't usually a lot of choice for vegetarians - or vegans - at other restaurants. I definitely feel as though Boston Tea Party catered for all, though. After about 20 minutes of searching through the menu, Gen and I both decided on a meal and a drink.
Boston Tea Party Milkshakes
Boston Tea Party Eggs Benedict
Boston Tea Party Greek Yoghurt
Boston Tea Party Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake
Boston Tea Party Milkshake
Boston Tea Party GranolaBoston Tea Party Milkshakes
I was only looking for something light as I wasn't feeling that hungry. I wanted something that would be substantial enough for a meal, but something that was also healthy. Due to this, I decided to go for the Greek Yoghurt with spelt granola, honey, raspberries and blueberries. I had also spotted it on the menu online before we went and I had my thoughts set on it from then on. And oh my gosh, it was absolutely delicious! It was a layer of thick, creamy Greek yoghurt, topped with granola, fruit and honey. Absolute heaven!

I am certainly one for my breakfast dishes and healthy foods. Fruit, granola and yoghurt is the perfect combination. In terms of the size, that was also perfect and definitely satisfied my not-so-big appetite. To finish this off nicely, I also ordered the banoffee milkshake which was also very yummy indeed! It tasted so fresh, I sipped it very slowly in an attempt to make it last longer!

Gen, like me, also likes her breakfast foods and decided to go for 'Eggs Benedict'. If you don't know what this dish is, it's a breakfast muffin, with a slice of ham or bacon, topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Gen also ordered a strawberry cheesecake milkshake. She said she thoroughly enjoyed her meal too, so it managed to please us both!

We both agreed that we would definitely go back to Boston Tea Party next time we met! Is it bad that I am already looking forward to trying out some more yummy food? Oops.

Have you ever been to Boston Tea Party? 

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