Meet My February Advertisers
So, February was the first month that I offered advertising on BATG. It is currently free of charge and I hope to keep it this way until at least May. I have really enjoyed having fellow bloggers advertise on my site and I can only hope that it somewhat helped them to acquire some new followers or viewers. I have always found advertising on other people's blogs to be quite helpful in reaching out to different audiences. I figured that if I had something I could use to help other bloggers out, I would use it. So, that's where advertising came in.

This month I have had some lovely bloggers advertising on BATG. Many of which I hadn't spoken to before. If there's one reason I would recommend advertising on your blog, it's to reach out to new people and find new blogs. There's hundreds of new blogs out there to discover!

Thrifty Vintage Fashion

Nicole from Thrifty Vintage Fashion
Blog: Thrifty Vintage Fashion
Instagram: @ThriftyVintageFashion
Twitter: @thriftyvintage_

"I'm Nicole, from south west England. A lifestyle blogger (who sometimes covers beauty and fashion) and isn't afraid to talk about anything! I run my own blogging community project about raising awareness of the issues that affect young people's health and well being and I am also kind of obsessed with Harry Potter!"

My favourite post by Nicole this month was Negative Friendships | #SpeakUp. Nicole is always trying her hardest to help people deal with every day problems and I really enjoyed reading this post. To hear about friendship issues from someone else around about my age made my friendship issues seem almost normal.

That Belle Makeup

Lee from That Belle Makeup
Blog: That Belle Makeup
Instagram: @thatbellemakeup
Twitter: @thatbellemakeup

"My name is Lee, I am a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who has been blogging under a year. I've always had a love for writing and beauty, so I decided to make a blog and here we are. Behold, ThatBelleMakeup. I do also like to do a bit of baking which I try to include on my blog."

Lee is a new blogger that I came across through advertising on my blog. My favourite post from her blog this month is LFW | The Topshop SS16 Collection. I was so sad that I couldn't attend LFW, but I really enjoyed seeing Lee's views on the new Topshop collection.
Monochrome Daisies

Dalal from Monochrome Daisies
Blog: Monochrome Daisies.
Instagram: @_monochromedaisies
Twitter: @dalaltahira

"Hi, I'm Dalal, a 15 year old (yes, I'm still a baby) blogger. I've been blogging on Monochrome Daisies for about a year and a half now which is a huge accomplishment because I am so so so lazy, so keeping a blog up for this long is an achievement for me - ha. Most of the time I'm either sharing my personal style on le blog or a few of my beauty favourites, although I'm not too gifted in the makeup department. I do hope you have a look at my blog (and enjoy it enough to stick around)!"

My favourite post from Dalal's blog this month is Saatchi because it's completely different from most posts I read. I just think the fact that Dalal wrote a blog post about art was just completely cool and diverse. It's always nice to have something a little different to read.


Serena from Serenbird
Blog: Serenbird
Instagram: @serenbird
Twitter: @serenbird

"Serenbird is a blog written in both English and French. It's more than just a blog. It's a way for me to express myself. It includes beauty, books and lifestyle. I like sharing my pictures, my opinion and discoveries. I have a lot to say and a lot of ideas."

My favourite post from Serena this month is Nimium Ne Crede Colori. Although, half written in French (that I couldn't quite pick apart despite studying it for 3 years) it was definitely one of my favourite blog posts of February overall. A lot of people do not know their true value and I love how Serena picked up on that and chose to write about it.

It's been lovely having these fellow bloggers advertise on my blog this month. They all have very diverse blogs, so make sure you have a little read. If you are interested in advertising on BATG, there's still March places left. Check my 'Advertising' page for more details! All free, for now!


  1. Thank you very much for letting me advertise on your blog! I really apperticate it! Xx

    1. You're welcome, Nicole! Glad to have you on here x

  2. This is such a lovely idea, I'm definitely going to check these bloggers out now! x

    1. Thank you lovely <3 I hope you enjoy their blogs! xx

  3. Such a lovely blog post and such wonderful advertisers x


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