MAC Coppering Eyeshadow Review
I bought Coppering back in autumn when everyone was crazy about rusty copper shades (okay, maybe it was just me). I purchased it from BeautySpin. BeautySpin is a website that is a retailer of many beauty products - drugstore to high end - sometimes at discounted prices. It's definitely worth keep an eye out for their deals! Anyway, let's get on to talking about this beautiful shade - 'Coppering'!

What does MAC claim? 
MAC claims that Coppering is a 'highly-pigmented powder' that 'applies evenly' and 'blends well'. They describe the colour as an 'orange copper'. Coppering is a veluxe pearl finish eyeshadow.

First Impressions 
When I first received this eyeshadow, I fell in love with the shade. It's a gorgeous rusty orange (the pictures do not show the true beauty of it) with red undertones. I bought this eyeshadow back in autumn when it was all about the coppers and I wore it most days. I knew it wasn't going to be an eyeshadow I would ever choose to wear alone on my eyelid, but it's definitely one that I thought would look perfect when blended with some brown and neutral shades. I was certainly right!
MAC Coppering Eyeshadow

As MAC claim, this eyeshadow is highly pigmented and can be built up really easily. I find that the shadow also blends very well with other shades. The more you add to the eye and the more you build it up, the more beautiful it looks. It is definitely a shade made to stand out. The shimmer looks stunning and really complements my blue eyes.

The colour - how do I use it? 
I thought that this was going to be a shade that's slightly harder to work with compared to most other eyeshadow shades, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Yes, okay, you can't really just wear this alone due to it's red undertones (that are more apparent in the sun). But, it is easy to work with in terms of blending it in with other eyeshadow shades. I use MAC Coppering in the middle of my eyelid only. I find the best look for this shade is adding MAC's Swiss Chocolate to the corners of the eyes to neutralise the red tones and adding MAC's All That Glitters to the inner corner of the eye. This way, it creates depth. It's one of my favourite eyeshadows for creating looks that have depth.

Application/Texture and Finish - Veluxe Pearl 
When it comes to applying this eyeshadow, it is really simple and mess-free. As always, with MAC, the fallout with their eyeshadows is minimal. There's nothing worse than buying a 'daring' red under-toned eyeshadow to find that it falls out everywhere when you apply it. MAC Coppering is a very easy eyeshadow to blend and build up. This is my second veluxe pearl finish eyeshadow from MAC and  I must say that I do love the finish. They are perfect for a shimmer, glamorous beauty look.
MAC Coppering

Staying Power
I always use primers when I wear eyeshadow. Although, when using MAC eyeshadows for a short period of time, it doesn't really matter whether I wear primer or not. I tend to use primer to increase the pigmentation of Coppering, not necessarily to keep it in place longer. As you can see from the swatches, with primer, the eyeshadow is more pigmented. This eyeshadow lasts about 8-10 hours without budging (without primer) and I have found it to stay in place for 12 hours with primer. It has a brilliant staying power and I cannot recommend it enough!
MAC Coppering Swatches

Overall Thoughts
Coppering is one of my favourite eyeshadow shades. It's absolutely perfect for a coppery autumn look. The finish of this eyeshadow is also very pretty and really makes my blue eyes stand out. If you do have blue eyes, you must purchase this shade! Along with a jet black winged cat-eye, anyone can make it look professional!

Definitely a 5/5. I am so impressed with this eyeshadow and its quality!

Would I repurchase?
Yes, yes yes! Without a doubt. The only down-side is that it's quite expensive. But for an eyeshadow of this quality? Certainly worth every penny. I absolutely love this shade, but I am definitely preserving it for when autumn comes around again.

What's your favourite eyeshadow? 

The brushes featured in this post are Jessup brand. I will have a review up on them soon.

* This post contains a product gained through collaboration and is part of a collaboration series with BeautySpin.


  1. This looks really cool. You convinced me - I want this haha.

    Annie xx

    1. It's gorgeous! You won't regret buying it! xx

  2. Using it with the primer makes such a difference, it's such a lovely shade!
    Charlotte //

  3. So beautiful! I have Mac's extra dimension eyeshadow in Amorous Alloy and I agree their formula and pigmentation is on point! Xx

    1. Thank you, I agree! I haven't heard of that one - I will make sure to check it out!xx

  4. So pretty, it's like a bloggers ultimate shadow haha. The primer really does impact it! I've had my eye on the Woodwinked shadow from them, it looks like a lovely neutral shade.

    1. It defintiely is! Ah, I am definitely on the look out for some beautiful nude shades too!

  5. What a gorgeous colour - I can imagine that this looks great as an accent colour with a lighter golden shade across the lid. I bought my first MAC eyeshadow recently which is a forest green colour - their range of shades is amazing!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    1. It is beautiful! Yes, it looks gorgeous with a golden shade, I wore it yesterday with gold! Ah, I don't have any green eyeshadows, I haven't ever thought about getting one, but I am sure it's gorgeous! Will you be doing a review? xx

  6. This looks like such a stunning eyeshadow! I'll definitely keep an eye out for it next time I'm in Mac.

    Julie xx

  7. This is such a pretty shade, I don't know whether I would be able to make it look nice. Love the post Chloe. Katie x

    1. I think you definitely could! Thank you, Katie! xx

  8. It's so pretty! I really want a shade like this, I'm such a novice when it comes to Mac eyeshadows and know hardly any shades but this one is so stunning, I might have to invest :)x

    1. It's gorgeous, definitely have a look at buying it if you like the shade :) xx

  9. Fab post lovely, Coppering is such a gorgeous shade and I love how it looks with primer :) I actually have blue eyes so will be checking this out next time I’m at MAC :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. Thank you, Charlee! It's a gorgeous colour (especially with primer). It looks perfect with blue eyes, let me know if you do get it :) xx


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