It's safe to say that I managed to grab myself a complete bargain a few weeks back! Charity shops have been a love of mine for about a year now, I cannot stay away. It's becoming quite a bad addiction that is kind of bad for my bank acccount. But, at least it's not as damaging as it could be (if I shopped at the expensive highstreet shops).

This beautiful tote bag is one of my newest and most-loved bargain pieces from St. Peter's Hospice. I have not been able to put it down since the day I bought it. It is the perfect practical size and I must say that I do love everything about it! Take a look yourself and let me know what you think.

Originally from Dorothy Perkins, this bag was an absolute bargain! I pad £4.99 for this bag and it was definitely worth every penny! I used to think that bags in charity shops were really old and warn, or really old-fashioned. I mean, who would give a perfectly functioning, fashionable bag to a charity shop? I know I definitely wouldnt! But, there obviously are people who would.

This bag is jet black and has one compartment with one little zipped pocket and a few unzipped pockets inside. The zip is gold-plated and the zipper has 'DP' written on it in a curly font. The other little details also add to the beautiful look of the bag. Gold-plated details against a black material are definitely my ideal aesthetic. They complement each other so well and can make any bag look expensive! I also love the fact that this bag can go with any style or coloured clothing due to being black. This makes it so easy to wear!

As well as the gold-plated details, I really like the little pocket at the front of the bag. I am not 100% sure whether it is for detail or for use, but I guess it could be a place for a phone or something else that is essential. Although, I definitely wouldn't put my phone in there. Not that I don't trust the material to be strong enough to hold it, I just wouldn't trust the public - you never know who's around. I think I'll just assume it is for detail. Either way, it looks quite pretty!

The material the bag is made of is really sturdy, which is definitely essential for an every day, pratical bag. I hate sloppy bags with no structure, they don't tend to look new for long. The bag handles are quite thin but do not seem to be negatively affected by everyday use of the bag (as of yet). The material is so durable! I still cannot believe I only paid £5 for such an amazing and gorgeous-looking bag!

Where did you get your favourite bag from?


  1. I read one of your posts a couple of weeks ago about clothing items which you had found in a charity shop, and I loved all of them. I decided that I wanted to go to a charity shop to try find the bargains like you do, but I just can never find anything! You always seem to find such fashionable and decent items!

    The bag is so nice! Such a good size as well which would go with anything!

    Elizabeth -

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! Ah, that's a shame. I definitely do find some charity shops that have nothing I like and are pretty rubbish; it's a hit or miss kinda thing. Keep looking when you pass by, though!

      Thank you, it's ideal for every day use and I definitely love it! xx

  2. I still can't get over what a bargain this was! You're so lucky! It's beautiful!

    My favorite bag are actually two bags: one is from Zara and the other one is from Longchamp, but they were both a lot more expensive than this one. I'm not very good at finding bargains...

    Be | lovefrombe

    1. I really am so lucky, I adore it!

      Ah, I do love Zara bags! I haven't heard of Longchamp, but I can imagine it's quite an expensive brand? Haha, well I am sure they are still beautiful! Nothing wrong with splashing out on bags!

  3. I love charity shops, I must admit my sister seems to always find the most amazing things in charity shops! That bag is so pretty! I love practical bags like that and £4.99 is such a bargain! My favourite bag at the moment is now from river island! -xo

    1. I am definitely a little obsessed with them! Thank you! Ah, I do love River Island bags, but they can be quite expensive :( xx

  4. This is such a steal! I used to love going in charity shops but got discouraged when I didn't find anything! You style everything so well x


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