For about 2 months, I have been holding on to every penny I had and I have finally managed to convince myself (it didn't take a lot) to buy myself something! For some people, this may be more than 'something' but, considering I have spent very little on myself for the past 2-3 months, I thought I definitely deserved a little treat. So, what's the first thing girls like me do when they have money to spend? Of course, head straight on over the Urban Outfitters, pick a few bits out and press 'order' - the best feeling in the world. Even better when they have discounts on offer for spending different amounts! 

I ordered four items, as you can see from the pictures. The first is the shirt, the second is the jeans, third is the dungarees (aren't they gorgeous?) and fourth is the skirt (getting Christmassy over here!). The total came to £106, but dropped to £91 due to the £15 off when you spend £100 promotion. I fell in love with these items straight away, and I just couldn't resist.

Initially, when these products arrived, I began planning outfits for the Christmas period. I didn't even think about the possibility that they might not fit me...

Corduroy Dungarees
The beauty of these dungarees still has me gazing in awe now. I definitely fell in love with these straight away. They look so hipster and I absolutely love that. They are the kind of item that goes with any top and is just so easy to throw on in a rush, but still look good. Originally, I thought they were velvet, but they are Corduroy - even better. The quality felt excellent. I quickly jumped on into these and then ran to the mirror, hoping and praying that they would fit. But, they really weren't me. The legs were humongous and although larger legs are part of the style of this piece, I really didn't like it. The top part was gorgeous, but the bottom was just slightly 'too hipster' for me. They were also quite long which would have caused them to become ruined due to dragging on the floor. So, I sent these back.

70s Style Pinstripe Shirt
After casting me eyes onto the dungarees, I thought 'yes, I need to get a shirt to go with these'. I came across this 70s style shirt and knew they would look amazing together. It has a very fine pinstripe pattern which is very hard to see in the picture. When I tried this shirt on, I adored the vibe of it - does anyone else get certain vibes from clothes?! I was definitely planning on keeping it until I realised that my boobs were clearly far too big and the shirt was bursting at the buttons when I moved. It was tragic. I tried every way possible to keep it but, in the end, I decided that looking elsewhere was probably a better bet. The arm area was far too big, but the chest area far too small...obviously not made for people of my shape. I was gutted.

Denim Jeans
Urban Outfitters definitely do the best quality jeans! Besides their price tag, everything about them is heavenly. I have never been able to afford the price tag but, always managed to torture myself by trying about 3 different pairs on every time I walk into an Urban Outfitters. So, as you can imagine, finding these jeans in the sale for £25, I was definitely in a rush to get them ordered! Even just unpacking the jeans, you can see and feel how good quality they are. They felt really thick and well made. Obviously, I quickly slipped them on and ran to the full-length mirror...but, sadly, once again they just definitely weren't my fit. They were so comfortable and were perfect shape all over except in the crotch area. There was so much excess material, I could not keep them. No amount of 'baggy jean' excuses could hide how badly they didn't fit me. So, after that, I packed them away, back into the returns bag. By this time, I was getting very frustrated and just hoping and praying that the skirt fitted!

Button Skirt
Yes, I am really late behind that button skirt trend, but you'd better get used to that, I am always running miles behind trends. This skirt is also corduroy and was excellent quality, but once again just didn't fit me. It was far too large around my waist and just didn't fit right anywhere else on my hips/waist area. The buttons on this skirt were really cute. They had a slight vintage look which I thought looked really good.

Now you'll understand the 'kind of' bit! Sadly, I did actually end up sending all of these products back to Urban Outfitters. I just thought these items looked so pretty that I had to write about them! I have been left a bit confused as to what size I am in their clothes now. Before now, I was always a small, but I am beginning to think I may be an extra small. I guess I won't know until I try more...but, maybe at the shop next time!

What are your favourite most recent buys? 


  1. Ooh you picked out some lovely bits. It's a shame they were too big, i'd say definitely go see if the smaller size fits better. Wouldn't want to miss out on these lovely pieces!

    Aim | www.thetracesofmythoughts.blogspot.co.uk x x

    1. I absolutely love them too. Think I may go to store and see what they have :)

  2. These are all such lovely pieces! It's such a shame to hear that none of them fitted! It happens to all of us! X


    1. It really is such a shame because I love these pieces :(

  3. I ordered the same skirt and it was way too big for me too (even tho I ordered the smallest size going). Thankfully I'm a lil' bit crafty and know my way around a sewing machine so it's all sorted now, but, the effort :') It's such a shame that you had to send such lovely pieces back D:

    Fii | little miss fii | uk fashion & lifestyle

    1. Ah, that's an idea I didn't think about. I could have asked my Nan to show me how to do it. I do find that they have very awkward sizes. I am glad you got to keep it!

  4. Oh my those jeans are gorgeous! I keep seeing this really nice pair of baggy striped trousers on UO but never have my size. That's so annoying none of them fit though because they are all such great finds!x

    1. They really are! Ah, that's a nightmare, they sound lovely! I agree, beautiful pieces :(


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