From left to right: Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit // Nikon 500mm AF-S F1.8G Lens // Soap & Glory Brow Archery // Topshop Matte Lipstick in More Than A Woman // New Look Slim Leg (Cigarette) Trousers // Brouges // Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner // Eyelure Falsh Lashes // Olivia Burton Watch // MAC Lipstick (Sin) // Accessorize Tote Bag // Zoeva Makeup Brush Set // Sleek Vintage Romance Palette // Knee High Boots // Topshop Pinafore // Essie Nail Polish In The Lobby and Merino Cool 

The period between December 1st and about December 18th is the period that I spend reading hundreds of blogger wishlists. I just love them. It becomes so extreme that I will search 'wishlist' on every blog that I visit. It's just really nice to see what other people are wishing for, even if it is really expensive and impossible dreamy wishes. It also helps me to grab some ideas. I have far too much already, I end up struggling to think of what I need every Christmas!

If I had to pick one thing only, it would almost definitely be the lens. I am getting used to my camera now after having it for a while. I really want to try out some new lenses so that I can get a few different shots. I would also love to get into fashion photography and fashion blogging and I think having this lens would make it that little bit easier. Overall, I just really want to branch out and start snapping some more professional pics!

Another thing I absolutely adore is the tote bag - I have only just sneakily added this in though so, I think this will have to go onto my birthday wishlist. I desperately need some new makeup brushes too and although I am probably dreaming when it comes to wishing for Zoeva brushes, I think I will buy them myself if I don't get them for Christmas. Finally, the last items that I am seriously coveting are the knee high boots. They just look absolutely gorgeous and I can only begin to imagine how beautiful they would look on.

What are your wishes for this Christmas? 

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  1. Such a gorgeous wishlist :)The New Look trousers looks lovely and will be on the lookout for those :) I want a new lens also been eyeing up the 40mm pancake :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee


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