Candles are little items that I love to have in my bedroom all year around, especially during winter. I love to have subtle scents filling my bedroom and candles slowly burning away; it's so relaxing. Recently, I have been a very lucky blogger! I managed to get my hands on these beautiful candles from Chelsea Candle. A few weeks back, Chelsey, the founder or Chelsea Candle, sent me an email asking whether I would like to give her candles a try and of course, I said yes **with huge amounts of excitement**. I have spent the last 3 days picturing these beautiful candles - as well as burning them of course. Although, that took me a while to do; I hate burning brand new candles and ruining their beauty!

Chelsey kindly sent me through 3 scents; Coconut, Autumn Leaves and Amber & Lavender. They came in simplistic brown cardboard boxes, wrapped in brown pin-lined paper. The stickers on the boxes were colour coordinated so that they matched the colour associated with the candle scent. The candles themselves come in a glass pot with a simplistic white and black sticker on the front. When it comes to appearance, it's definitely the little things that make a difference! They are very aesthetically pleasing candles.

The three scents I received were all very different from one another.

Scent number 1 - Coconut
This scent is definitely the sweeter of the three. It reminds me of the typical exotic summer holidays abroad. Definitely a happy scent. I am not massively keen on the coconut scent although I am a sucker for Bounties and any food containing coconut. It's just slightly too strong a scent for me. It gets stuck in my throat and leaves me with an altered taste all day.

Scent number 2 - Autumn Leaves
I absolutely adore this scent! This is the kind of scent you want besides you on a wintery day whilst in bed reading a book with a cup of tea and blankets. It is a very leafy and woody (hence the name) scent, with pine undertones. It gives a really warm feeling to a room and defintiely gives the whole wintery/autumnal feeling. This scent is a lot more subtle than the others, but you definitely get that pine scent punch through now and then. This is one of those scents that will be returning to my room every winter.

Scent number 3 - Amber and Lavender
This is a very potent scent that fills the room within just a few minutes of burning. It is one of the more intense scents, but it's not one I would say it totally overpowering. I am not a keen lover of lavender as it tends to be quite a strong scent and I am definitely one for subtle scents. However, I think having the amber mixed in with the lavender definitely makes it more subtle and gives it a relaxing touch. Not my favourite one of all, but defintiely not one I would avoid. It's one of those candles I would have silently burning away while finishing some college work; that kind of relaxing scent.

Overall, the candles have a burning time of about 19 hours which is a generous time for quite a small candle. They look absolutely beautiful sat in a room and add to the aesthetic and as they are very simplistic, they suit most styles of decoration. The candles burn evenly and are made of high quality, hand poured soy wax and fine fragrances. For £5 per candle, you have definitely got a bargain! I cannot wait to add to my collection of Chelsea Candle Co Candles!

*this post contains a gifted pr sample


  1. These candles look really nice, I may have to look into getting myself some!


  2. These candles seem amazing, Autumn leaves sounds lovely! Definitely want to give them a try, especially at only £5 each.



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