I can't believe that it's been nearly two weeks since I went to the Christmas market in Bristol. Time definitely flies by during Christmas time. Christmas markets are always one of the top things on my to-do-list during the Christmas period; they're so pretty and ideal for photo opportunities and festive feels! If you aren't already in the Christmas spirit, a festive market should definitely be on top of your Christmas to-do list!

The Bristol Christmas Market was buzzing! The atmosphere was so festive and everyone was really joyful and happy, you just couldn't help but feel happy yourself. There were different foods, drinks and gifts everywhere and I found myself trying to look in several places at once; there was just far too much to look at. In fact, there was probably more food than anything else - I guess that's what you get with a German market! However, the food did look gorgeous, I could have bought everything but, there was still some element of self-control telling me not to indulge too much. Look at the size of the gigantic cupcakes!

I must admit, I probably spent more time taking pictures of these gorgeous cakes, than I did at any of the other different stalls. They look amazing if you get the focus right - I think I almost mastered it in the end! I love being able to take a few minutes just to grab a picture that I am happy with and proud of. It is definitely the best way to learn more about photography and the different settings you can use. I confidently used manual focus for these images and I am definitely proud of how they came out considering I don't ever use manual focus. I think I will be using it a lot more often!
I thought I would join the Christmassy atmosphere with a red dress. It is not often that I dress up like this but, considering it's nearly Christmas, I found every reason to go all out! I knew it was going to be cold, so I wore my big faux fur coat on top of my red tartan dress. I also went for a red lip because red is the best Christmassy coloured lipstick that you can get, and also, because I am just in love with MAC's Dark Side. If you like red lips, definitely add it to your Christmas list! Along with my dress, tights and coat, I wore my black chelsea boots, which was definitely a bad idea because there was a lot of walking to do (up and down steps included).
My favourite part was definitely the very large Christmas tree light in the centre of the market. It took me a while to realise that the star on the top actually spinned, which is really sweet. The lights certainly added to the festivity and it would be nowhere near as festive without them - Christmas is all about the festive lights and decorations. My other favourite part was the live music. A middle-aged man sang German Christmas songs for hours on the stage and it definitely made the Christmassy feeling come to life!

Overall, I would definitely recommend visiting the Bristol Christmas market, purely just to experience the atmosphere. I don't think it really makes much difference whether you go to the Bristol one or another Christmas market. For me, it was very food orientated and there was not many gift items that I would consider buying for people. I did intend to go to the Bath Christmas Market but, just didn't manage to get around to it. If food isn't really your thing (or you're vegetarian, like me) and you're looking for gifts instead, maybe try Bath Christmas Market. If you're after beer and frankfurters, definitely head to Bristol's Christmas market! You get the real deal there, without a doubt!

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