Cleaning out makeup bags is a groan moment for every girl, am I right? I try to avoid it, but after about a month, it's literally begging me to give it a clean. I am such a lazy person when it comes to cleaning out bags - I just leave them, laden with receipts and bits everywhere (so hygienic, I know), until I can build up the effort to clean them. I always find other people's beauty bag essentials really intriguing, so I thought I would share mine too (for those nosy people out there, like me).

I usually update my beauty bag every 3-4 weeks, with new beloved products. I must admit, I have managed to accumulate a strong team of essentials recently. Of course, they stay in my bag and come with me to most places. I guess it's a bit like an emergency bag - you know those times when you have a makeup disaster? We've all been there. I'll go through a quick rundown of the current essentials in my bag.

My makeup bag is relatively big compared to others I have seen, but a girl needs her makeup! Seeing as it is getting quite chilly now, I keep a hydrating lip balm inside the bag to avoid the dry, peeling lip look (who doesn't despise that), along with a nude lipstick, for those times when I need a little colour on my lips. This one is Rimmel's shade 077 (Asia), and I absolutely love it. It reminds me of like a more pinky version of velvet teddy. It has an amazing lasting power and gives a beautiful matte look. I also keep my Body Shop concealer (if you haven't got it, go try it), as I always find a spot arise somewhere. It is the best coverage concealer I have ever had, it covers everything. A translucent powder is also a beauty bag staple of mine, my favourite being the Body Shop's All In One Face Base.

Now onto the bits that aren't makeup based, but still beauty related. The Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume has been my absolute favourite for the past year now. It comes with me everywhere. It is such a sophisticated smell. Sadly, it is quite quickly running out, so I am going to have to repurchase soon (thinking Christmas list). I also keep a little bag inside the big bag with little things inside; tweezers, a nail file, a hair clip and eyelash curlers. It makes it so much easier to find them, instead of having to fumble around, trying to retrieve them from the bottom of the bag.

I have a new edition to my essentials this month, that is the Sudocrem tube. I suffer quite dry skin in the winter (particularly under the eyes and around the nose) so Sudocrem is an amazing product for me. I received this sample to try out, and it has become another beloved product of mine. I must admit, before doing a bit of research, I thought Sudocrem was only for rashes (you know, nappy rashes and other little baby things). But, you can actually use it as a face mask and an everyday moisturising cream. If you haven't yet used it as a face mask, get on in there, it's so worth it!

What are your beauty bag essentials? 

DISCLAIMER: The Sudocrem was a gifted sample. No payment was provided.


  1. Hi!!!!,
    I definitely need to buy some Sudocrem, especially for under my eyes. I currently use the Bobbi Brown eye cram to moisturise under my eyes. But after a long day at school, my concealer tends to 'dry up' and it's disgusting.

    Ambra x
    Fridays are fab

    1. Hey, Ambra! I would definitely recommend Sudocrem, it's worked wonders with my dry skin! xx


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