If there was only one nail polish brand, I would want it to be Barry M. Recently, with college starting and lots of stress building up, I have been nervously nail-biting so, haven't been able to wear nail polish. But, I can happily say that my nails are starting to grow again and I am already sat here planning which colour to paint them next. Painting my nails is probably my favourite relaxation technique (apart from napping, of course). It is definitely a treat if I manage to get time to paint my nails.

I currently only have 8 Barry M nail polish; I say 'only' because I know many people who have a collection of about 80 different Barry M polishes, that I find myself lusting over very often. There's so much I love about Barry M nail polishes. I have tried a few different ones before, but they ran out, so I threw them away. But, I think I definitely need to get myself out Barry M shopping soon, to pick up some more wintery shades. The ones in my collection at the moment are all quite summery (minus two) and I hate using summery nail polish in the winter...everything must look seasonal and match!

So, in my collection I currently have these shades:
The shades left to right are Bright Red, Espresso, Blueberry, Sour Apple, Dragon Fruit, Ridley Road, Kingsland Road, Heather. 
The thing I love the most about Barry M is the range of different textures and colours they have. I mean, there must be nearly 100 different nail polishes within their ranges, surely?! It's just amazing! Along with their huge range, I must admit, I am also a massive fan of their prices! £3.99 for a nail polish? I'll take that any day, especially when it's Barry M! They are definitely the best drugstore brand for nail polishes, in my opinion.

Now, please excuse my terrible rushed nail-painting skills and the terrible condition of my nails, but here is what they look like on the nail:

I definitely think my favourites are Bright Red and Espresso. As you can tell, I used to be all about pastel coloured nail polishes (yes, I went through the dreaded pastel, girly stage). I am definitely not a big fan of the textured polishes either. They are very thin and require a few coats to cover the nail completely, but they become very thick and take ages to dry if you add more than one coat. I also find that their texture seems to disappear if you add more than one coat. I definitely won't be repurchasing this texture, it's just not for me. I am definitely a matte or non-textured girl! A lot of these are actually running out so, I definitely have an excuse to buy more!

Do you have a favourite Barry M shade? 


  1. Barry M are my all time favourite go to polishes! My favourites are the quick dry paints, they're all beautiful! Great post xx

    1. They are the best! I haven't tried them ones but, I will do! Thank you Gabriella! xxx

  2. sour apple is one of my fave shades!

    1. I used to love it, but I definitely prefer darker shades recently!

  3. I love all Barry m nail polish! Love this post x

  4. nice all the colors :)


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