Now, if by now you don't know how much I obsess over charity shops, you clearly don't follow me on enough social media accounts. Charity shops are always my number one place to look for clothing (especially seasonal) to add to my wardrobe. Before you sit there and think anything bad about charity shops...hear me out.

Okay, now I'll admit that this time last year, I probably would have never shopped in a charity shop, no matter what the circumstance. But now? It's a completely different outlook. Nowadays, I can't bring myself to pay the extortionate prices in high street shops - let's admit it, it is ridiculous pricing. I'm finding that even charity shops are liking to up their prices recently (definitely not a fan over here). But, charity shops are still an average of about 50-60% cheaper than the high street shops. Yes, of course, the clothes are second hand, but that doesn't always mean that they're grubby and well-used. I have found so many gems in charity shops, and a lot of them still had their original labels on.

The long coat
With winter on its way, a long coat is definitely an essential. If you're one of those people who, like me, get cold very, very easily, you need a coat like this. It is a combination of mohair and alpaca fur (the animals are not killed for their fur!) which is super warm and cosy. I chose to purchase this one after falling in love with it and trying it on to then realise that it was slightly oversized on me. It means I'm able to wear plenty of layers without struggling to do my coat up when it's raining. I also love the colour of this coat, it suits so many different outfits and there's not one colour it doesn't pair well with. It is also in excellent condition...the buttons are all still well sewn on and the coat hasn't lost its shape. This coat also has really big pockets (with a secret pocket inside, shhh) which are heavenly when I am not feeling taking out a handbag. Altogether, there's not one thing I can fault, and for the price of £9.99, what can go wrong?

The striped shirt
Here's another of my charity shop gems! I adore this shirt. It is not a typical item of clothing that I would usually pick up, but I find that I pick up a lot of things that I wouldn't normally wear. I feel a lot more able to go out of my comfort zone in charity shops. I definitely take full advantage of the changing rooms. I love this shirt based on the fact that it is so versatile. It goes well with every pair of trousers I have; jeans, leggings, tapered trousers, etc. It is also the perfect interview shirt. I wear this shirt a lot due to the fact that it portrays a really smart personality, even when I'm not feeling putting a lot of effort in. It is also such a comfortable shirt, I find myself lounging around in it a lot. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. The cuffs can be folded up or buttoned down. I think I paid around £4.99 for this one, so once again, an absolute bargain.

The patterned skirt
This is one of the products that I have found that looks slightly more well-used. I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing, though. I think it adds a vintage look to it, which I love. This is quite a short skirt, but it is also quite sturdy, so it doesn't tend to move around or blow up in the wind as much as some skirts do. I wear this skirt a lot with my Doc Martens and I absolutely love the overall look. I also love the fact that this skirt is more fitted at the top before it flares. The pattern is also really sweet, it is unique and reminds me of Christmas (I have no idea why, I guess it's the white and red together). I paid about £3.50 for this one, absolutely amazing price considering it was originally from H&M.

The dog-tooth blaiser
Again, an unusual buy for me, but one that I wear quite a lot. I found this in the shop and thought I would try it. It is a very versatile item and can be worn in a smart or causal look. I tend to mix smart and casual to give a sophisticated yet, not too OTT look. I absolutely love the dog-tooth pattern as my outfits tend to be a bit plain sometimes - this just adds another dimension. The only tiny little problem I have found with this blaiser is that it is dry clean only...who has the time and money to take clothes to the dry cleaner? Going to have to keep this one away from any food...especially my tomato and basil pasta! For £4.80, you can't go wrong.

The blue shift dress
This dress is such a beautiful blue, I absolutely love it. The fit is perfect, not too tight and not too loose. Shift dresses are my favourite type of dress because they are the only dresses I have found that actually compliment my shape. I always wear tights with these dresses because I'm not one to show off my legs. This is definitely one of my most comfortable buys, and also the one in the best condition - I think this one was brand new as it came with a label on. It's originally from ASDA; the last place I would have expected it to be from! It is such a sophisticated dress, I adore it! For the price of £3.99, it's an absolute bargain!

The faux fur coat
Now this is the highlight of my year so far. This coat was such a bargain, I'm still not quite over how cheap it was for such a high-quality coat. It cost me £8.99...yes (I know). I can now look like a big teddy bear for the winter...woohoo! No, but seriously. This coat is in brilliant condition and was originally from Next, so it is excellent quality too. The inner layer is water proof material which would help if I ever found myself stranded wearing this coat (highly possible in the UK). It keeps me very warm and I can't wait for the winter to come, I just know I'll be wearing it everyday.

If you have reached all the way to the end of this post, then I hope you enjoyed it! I'm sure there will be more 'trips to the charity shops' to show you soon.

Have you ever found a charity shop gem?


  1. How long has it taken me to notice you've changed your blog name!? I was like ooh this looks interesting, I don't recall following that blog then realised it was you! The first coat is gorgeous, i'm so jealous that I won't be able to find it and get it! That fur coat is also lovely, you found some amazing pieces. I must go and browse the local charity shops now!

    Aim | www.thetracesofmythoughts.blogspot.co.uk x x

    1. Haha, it is meee...I only just recently changed it so don't worry! Thank you, lovely, definitely get out and check those charity shops, they're amazing! Let me know if you find anything that you like :)

  2. Well what can I say? - I absolutely admire your style - it isn't really the type I'd wear but you pull it off amazingly - posts like yours remind me I really gotta go charity shop shopping :D


    1. Thank you, Bella! You definitely need to get shopping!

  3. That first long coat is gorgeous, I can't believe you got it in a charity shop-it's so on trend right now! Whenever I look in charity shops all I ever find is old Primark stuff, maybe I need to look in some of the charity shops where you are haha. Great post :)

    Chloe x | Snug Corner

    1. Ah, I adore it! Thank you, Chloe! That's a shame. Keep an eye out around your local charity shops if you get time to browse while shopping because I am sure there are beautiful things that come into most charity shops! xx

  4. I love everything you have featured and I can't believe they are all charity shop finds! I usually stick to the book section when I browse my local, but I really need to get into the habit of exploring the clothing. Great post lovely! x
    a life of a charlotte

    1. Thank you Charlotte! They are beautiful pieces, aren't they? I LOVE the book section too!! But yes, definitely check the clothes section!x

  5. I don't shop in charity shops, but after this post seeing the amazing items you have picked up for such a amazing price, I think I am going to have to start looking! I love your style and loved everything you featured!

    Elizabeth x - http://diaryofagirl10.blogspot.co.uk/


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