I always find my new obsessions and they usually tend to get replaced by new favourites after a few months. However, the vitamin E range is definitely one of those ranges that is irreplaceable. I can't say that I love every product, but there is a lot that I would definitely repurchase.

Nourishing night Cream - without a doubt, my favourite product from this range. I use it every night, after removing my makeup. It is a god-sent. I have quite greasy skin in places, but this cream helps to control it. It gives the perfect balance between dry, tight skin and oily, gleaming skin. It is also quite a thick formula and so it lasts quite a while. I have had it for a few months now and it looks like I have only just started it. I will definitely be repurchasing this product.

Toner - I don't use this product as often as I should do, mainly because I just don't like the feeling of the residue on my skin. It feels like a silky oily formula, and it just leaves my skin even more oily. I tend to use these products before bed, so the last thing I want is a super greasy face before getting into bed. However, this product does have the perks of being great at removing makeup (great for when you have run out of makeup remover).

Body butter - the body butter is slightly different from these other products, but nevertheless, still an amazing product. I tend to use this one after shaving, because you cannot beat the feeling of smooth and hairless legs. It also helps to bring my skin back to life, and to moisturise the top layers. Definitely would repurchase this product.

Overnight serum-in-oil - sadly, this is a product that I personally haven't developed much of a liking to. I just don't think it is helping my skin at all. It leaves it extremely oily, and once again, leaves a coat on top of my skin for quite a while. I think my skin is just extremely oily in some places as it is, adding more oil definitely isn't what it needs. Certainly won't be repurchasing this product again, not because it is a bad product, but just because it isn't suited to my skin. If you are looking for something to add moisture to your skin, this is definitely a product worth trying.

Cream exfoliator - before purchasing this product, I had never actually heard of a cream exfoliator. A moisturiser and exfoliator in one is definitely a genius idea. I use this product once or twice a week, to remove dead skin from my face. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. Is it definitely quite an expensive product, but I think it is worth the price considering the benefits it has on my skin.

Moisture cream - I use this cream on my hands and face. I love the formula because my skin doesn't cope well with rich cream products, and I haven't had any trouble with this cream yet. I often use this product to moisturise just before I apply makeup; it gives a really smooth and even finish, ready to apply makeup on top, minutes after. It is absorbed really easily compared to other creams I have used, which means that I don't have an excessively oily complexion.

I would almost definitely repurchase the majority of these products. My two favourites must be the cream exfoliator and nourishing night cream, mainly because of their replenishing qualities. The Vitamin C range is always one I can rely on.

What is your favourite skincare range? Any holy grail products?

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