Foundation is a very difficult product to suit to your own skin. I rarely find a foundation that I love, which is a shame. I tend to love a product and then fall out of love with it. Of course, some have come close, but none have been perfect, or products that I would purchase over and over again. I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with foundation. I mean, I can't possibly leave the house for a day without a full face on, but at the same time I just wish I could find a foundation that I had absolutely no faults for (dreaming away here, I know).

I have read many reviews about this foundation before I decided to jump on the bandwagon myself. I have never actually heard a bad review of this foundation, and I have to say that I generally agree with those views. I haven't had any really subsequent problems at all, and I have been really quite confident wearing this foundation. It has a rather high coverage, which is great because I tend to get quite bad discoloured and spotty areas. The only small problem I have found is that I don't think it is really that flattering for my skin when I am having an oily day. I feel as though it has quite a gleaming, healthy looking glow. Although this is what some people may be looking for in a foundation, it is not always that flattering for my skin. But, in no way does it ruin this foundation for me. I  just dab on a bit of powder to control the oily areas, and leave the other bits dewwy where the sun naturally hits my cheeks. It's such an easy foundation to work with.

I use the vanilla shade in this foundation and I can honestly say that it suits my skin tone perfectly. It is super easy to blend too, which makes it easy to make discreet in a natrual looking makeup look. You can build up the layers to make it have a higer or lower coverage. I tend to add a little more when I am wearing a dark lip (loving MAC's Dark Side at the moment). I have been using this foundation so much that it's already less than half used. But I will definitely repurchase this foundation...I love it!

Have you tried this foundation? How did you find it? 


  1. I wish I had my shade here in Hong Kong for this foundation

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

    1. Ah, no, that's a nightmare! It must be terrible not having large makeup supplies :(

  2. This is one my favorite drugstore foundations, it hydrates my skin (i'm more on the dry side) and it covers any imperfection! ❤️

  3. I have the healthy mix serum and I love it! Maybe next time I'll purchase this one! I'm tempted hihi


  4. I need to try this- I've heard so many good things!! x


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