Autumn is definitely the prime month for eyeshadow. We all look for that warm touch, and there's no other better way to get it than adding in a shimmery golden, or burgundy eyeshadow to your makeup look. Matching golden shades with these tones works wonders and leaves you looking all autumnal.

My favourite autumnal shades are plum, burgundy and golden. I'm not massively keen on reds and tans...they don't tend to suit my skin tone. However, a little red or tan here and there never does any harm. I love layering these colours in outfits and drawing matching colours onto the eyes as it really helps to exaggerate my eyes. Autumn is quite a neutral, chilled month, and I love that.

When the colder months come, I pull out my cream eyeshadows that I have hidden away for a few months. I find that wearing them in the warmer months leaves my eyes extremely oily, and they don't last on my face. So, when autumn is on its way, I get super excited. My two favourite cream eyeshadows are Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in the shades Metallic Pomegranate and On and On Bronze. These shades go quite well together but also look very pretty alone. It is so much more convenient to use a cream eyeshadow than it is to use a powder eyeshadow. Cream shadows don't need much building up as they are so pigmented, so I do tend to throw these on in a rush. I also use these cream shadows as a base and a kind of primer before using the others in this post. The Metallic Pomegranate cream shadow goes really well with MAC's Cranberry, whereas On and On Bronze goes really well with MAC's All That Shimmers. Using the cream eyeshadows as a base makes sure that they stay on for longer. I only tend to use this technique if I need my makeup to stay on for a long time.

The powder shadows I adore for autumn are MAC's All That Shimmers, Swiss Chocolate and Cranberry, along with KIKO's Pearly Copper. Cranberry and Pearly Copper are very similar, but Cranberry is a slightly deeper rusty plum-copper shade with a few more brown undertones, so I use that one just before I use Swiss Chocolate in the crease of my eye, just to blend it in slightly better. When I first bought the plum-copper shades, I was a little scared to use them in case I ended up with the dreaded black-eye look. But, after a bit of practice in the blending department, I finally began to master the autumnal look.

Another duo that I love using is All That Shimmers with some Swiss Chocolate in the crease of the eye. All That Shimmers is especially shimmery, which contrasts with Swiss Chocolate being matte. I find that gold and brown colours really exaggerate my eyes - golds and browns on blue eyes contrast beautifully.

I can't wait to start creating these looks once it gets colder. I spend all year waiting for autumn to come!

What are your favourite autumnal eye shadow shades? 


  1. Wow layering those shadows together really creates quite a punch. I've been loving MAC Groundwork for an all over wash, and if I feel like wearing shadows I'll reach for the Lorac Unzipped palette!

    Cindy //

    1. They are absolutely beautiful together! I haven't heard of that one, I'm going to have to have a look next time I am in a MAC store. I also haven't heard of the brand Lorac...hmm will have to have a peek at that one too! Thank you for your recommendations!

  2. I've been looking for some warmer/copper/berry shades recently. Metallic Pomegranate and MAC Cranberry look stunning, alone or together! I may have to pick them both up, great post!

    Aim | x x

    1. If you're looking for these kinds of shades, I really would recommend them! They are both gorgeous shades!

  3. I have the gold and turquoise colour tattoos from maybelline but I love the look of the pomegranate, I really like purple eye shades at the moment! I can never find it in boots though!!

  4. I naturally go to these type of colors! They are so beautiful and compliment so many people! I love how a cranberry shimmery tone makes my eyes pop! =)

    Have a great day! Melanie |Blog: Toots + Dill

  5. Gorgeous colours!
    Jabeen x


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