The Tea Tree range has become a very popular range in The Body Shop recently. I bought my first Tea Tree products (the mask and face wash) due to recommendation from a member of staff at The Body Shop. I requested a product to help with spot prone and blemished skin, and she immediately recommended the Tea Tree range to me. I am so glad she did because the Tea Tree aroma is so refreshing and the products are amazing. I picked up those two products primarily because I knew I would use them whether I actually saw benefits from them or not. I use face wash and masks on a daily and weekly basis.

I expanded my collection of this range a few weeks back as I had seen brilliant changes since using the first two products I bought. This time I bought the Body Wash and the Skin Clearing Lotion. I decided upon these two products because I wanted to see if the Body Wash would help to clear some blemishes I have on other parts of my body and I wanted to try the Skin Clearing Lotion to attempt to get rid of scars and spots I have on my face. I have always had quite easily scarred skin which means that most spots I get turn into scars which does get me down quite a bit. However, it's nothing makeup can't cover up.

Since using this range, I have seen small changes in how many spots I get appearing on my face. I don't think it'll ever completely get rid of my spots as I am quite prone to them. But, being able to get rid of one or two spots using this range is amazing in itself. It means that I don't have to cover so many up with concealer all of the time. That's definitely a bonus.

My favourite product out of the four is the Skin Clearing Lotion, simply because it is a really smooth lotion which is so quick and easy to apply. It feels and smells really refreshing. The lotion soaks into the skin quite quickly, once applied, which makes it brilliant for applying before makeup or any other product. I use this mainly on my spots but it's brilliant because it doesn't require a lot of rubbing in or time to dry. It is a really quick and convenient product.

Although, I do adore all four of these products, I do find that they leave my skin quite dry after using them. I have to add a little bit of moisturiser onto my face after using them, and I find that helps to re-hydrate my skin. These products have without a doubt improved my skin a lot, so I don't feel as though that makes me feel at all negative towards them.

Personally, I found that these products cleared up my skin in just over a week. I use them on a daily basis (I used the foam cleanser morning and night) to help to keep my skin clean and looked after. If you are looking for products to cleanse your face and clear up spots, I would highly recommend this range. There are many products within this one range, you'll almost definitely find something you like.

Just a little note: the Tea Tree products are also great at removing bacteria and dirt from makeup brushes. So, if you are struggling to get rid of all of the makeup left-overs and bacteria on your brushes, try some of the cleansers and they'll work like a treat.

Have you tried the Tea Tree range? 

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