When it comes to fashion, my favourite time of the year is autumn. The colours are so warm, and the clothes are so comfortable and cosy. I love being able to layer clothes, as you can add your own spin on fashion, and most of all, I love to see what everyone else is wearing. I just love the different styles in autumn. I am definitely a bit of a people-watcher - we all do it, right? I always find myself walking around, watching people walk past me in really warm-looking layers. I always get inspiration from what other people wear, especially those who are a bit more extravagant? I guess that's a way to put it.

As always, I have been constantly looking around in the shops for things I want to buy and I save the web pages to my bookmarks page ready for a wish list. So here are a few bits I have collected in my wish list.

Dorothy Perkins Metallic Stripe Roll Neck Jersey Top
I have found a new love for roll neck tops. They are so comfortable and I absolutely love pairing them with an up-do hairstyle and a sophisticated looking coat. I love the casual but sophisticated look. Add a red lip and you've got a look everyone will associate with autumn.

Dorothy Perkins Tan Faux Suede Bonded Biker Jacket
I absolutely adore this jacket and I'm having to persuade myself to not buy it, everyday. The fact I can get 20% off isn't helping me to be good! It looks so soft and cosy, and of course it's the perfect shade for autumn. It would go so well with everything on this wish list too, I'll cave soon I am sure. 

Dorothy Perkins Stripe Rib Top
Another top I have fallen in love with. It's such a simple design and pattern but I can picture it going perfectly with the faux suede coat. I really like simple patterns in the autumn because you can use a scarf and a jacket to add extra detailing. I really like wearing long, simple necklaces in the autumn too, they just add that little bit more to the outfit. 

Topshop Chelsea Boots
Aren't these beautiful? I absolutely adore the deep brown shade. I only have one pair of chelsea boots and they have quite a heel on them so I don't really tend to wear them causally. I've been looking for a flat pair of boots for a while and these are just the perfect autumn boot. I'm sure these will be off my wish list soon too. 

Topshop Cord Button Front A-line Skirt 
I know, I know, I'm very late hopping on the band wagon with this one. I don't usually follow the trends as soon as they come out because I like to think that I make my own fashion. Realistically, I'm probably just extremely behind trend. Anyway, I have grown to liking these types of skirts now, especially this burgundy-red shade one, once again, perfect for the autumn fashion. 

Topshop Black Denim Dungarees
Dungarees with roll neck tops and some elegant little booties are my favourite things at the moment. So of course, when I saw these dungarees on the Topshop website, I just had to save them. Perfect for those autumn days when it's still quite humid, but not warm enough to go without sleeves and long trousers.

Miss Selfridge Red Check Fringed Scarf
Scarfs are a thing that I don't have many of. I only have one and it's a pinky-bluey shade, which I don't feel is that well suited to autumn. I'm definitely going to have to change up my style with this red checked scarf. Once again, it would go perfectly with the faux suede jacket, you and I both know I'm going to have to get the jacket, and possibly the scarf...and the rest of it maybe! If only I could afford it all! 

Do you have any clothing items on your autumn wish list? 

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