With only a week left of the holidays before I head off to college (sixth form), I haven't stopped thinking about it all. I've been finishing off transition tasks, making lists for equipment I need and the books I need to order. Although I am nervous, at the same time I cannot wait to begin this new part of my life. I feel like it's my chance to finally become the person I want to be and not be held back by anything in my past. I want to move forward and lead a life where I am happy and working towards the life I want to live.

Yes, I am aware that A levels mean sleepless nights, constant revision, confusion and hard work every day. However, I know that this is just the start of my journey towards becoming a doctor.
My ultimate goal is to become a children's doctor and help the children that really need help. College is my start in this journey. GCSEs are done and they are the biggest preparation towards A levels and university. I know A levels are going to be very difficult, but I do believe that if I can have faith in myself, I will do my best to succeed. Anything can happen and everything that happens is meant to happen. Two years will go by so fast, I'll soon be off to uni...scary thought but it's real. 

There's so many reasons that I am excited about starting college, but mostly because it means I am getting closer to university and finally being able to work a job of my dreams. There is a long list of reasons why I am excited, but these are a few of the top reasons. 

1. Making new friends 
Finding new people to socialise and hang around with is always a great feeling. It's great to make new friends as well as keeping old friends. You'll probably find that the friends you make at college will be friends you keep for life. Although you will probably all move to different universities, you will probably still keep in touch to talk about how you are all doing. It is always nice to have different groups of friends with different interests. It's nice to be able to hear different views and ideas to shape yourself as a well-rounded person. Being able to get on well with different types of people is a very good life skill to have. 

2. Learning about the subjects I am interested in.
I think this is a big part of why people tend to enjoy college more than school. At school you have to learn about things you are not necessarily interested in. Whereas, at college you only learn about the things you are interested in. Being interested in a subject makes it much nicer to learn about. I also love learning new things. I love to be able to say that I know this and that, and make myself out to be a smart person when needs be. I mean, who doesn't like to look smart sometimes? It can't be just me, right? 

3. Social life 
The social life that comes with college. I mean, yes, I know that A levels take a lot of work and you can't afford to go out every night. But the weekend social life must be better at college, surely? For me, I never really went out a lot when I was at school. I tended to just stay in as I wasn't particularly bothered about going anywhere. I know that my college have social nights where we all meet for the night to enjoy ourselves, so I can't wait to enjoy them. A healthy balance between social life and college work is what I am aiming for.

4. Exploring the other side of my city
For me, my college is right at the other side of my city. This means that I have to get a train there, but it also means that I get to explore a part of my town that I unfortunately don't really know much about yet. I haven't been brave enough to venture over there much. I can't wait to experience a new area of my city. 

5. Being a student (student discount and reduced bus/train tickets):
Being a student means lots of discounts in many different shops. I know it is often only 10-20% percent off and not all places offer it, but saving £2 every now and then does add up. We all love to save money, being a student has its perks. Obviously, there are also discounts from bus and train tickets if you buy a student card or provide ID, which I will be getting my hands on. 

6. Different ways of life (multicultural)
The final thing I am quite enthusiastic about is meeting people from different cultures. My previous schools weren't very multicultural and it will be nice to go to school with people from different religions and cultures. I love learning about different ways of life and it'll also help me to open my mind to different views.

Are you going to college soon or have you already been to/started college? What are/were you excited about?

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