Before I discovered this Argan Oil product, I wasn't even aware that there was such product as a hair mask. Of course, I knew about the face mask, but a mask for hair? I had no idea. I know you're probably wondering where I have been to not know there was hair masks, but I first discovered this product back about a year and a few months ago when I was quite new to blogging and some beauty products. I haven't had this product for over a year, I have repurchased it many times because I love it so much.

You're probably sat thinking, hmm Argan Oil is expensive, I wonder how much this is. I actually buy this product from Poundland. Yes, Poundland. When I first saw this I was thinking, hmm, is this really Argan Oil, or just a cheap, bad quality product? But then I thought, surely they can't say it is Argan Oil if it's not? To this day, I still don't actually know if it is genuine or not. But either way, it has been brilliant for my hair, so I am not going to complain. I took a risk and I am glad I did.

The actual product itself is like a thick conditioner. It is a smooth formula that gives your hair a healthy looking shine. The Argan Oil is said to be able to hydrate, repair, protect and soften damaged hair. I must admit, my hair used to be quite damaged due to every day wear and heat that I used on it. Since using this for a while, my hair has become a lot thicker and healthier; it doesn't break or split as easily now.

I love how quick and easy this product is to use. It takes minutes to spread it all over my hair. Once I have applied it, I leave it in for about 10 minutes before I wash it out. Then I jump in the shower and give my hair a quick wash. Usually, I use this mask just before my hair needs a clean, I find it gives the best results and then I also don't end up washing my hair too much. Using this mask is like deep conditioning and so I only tend to use it once or twice a week to avoid my hair becoming too oily (not a good look). It leaves my hair feeling heavenly; soft and cared for. It gives the shine that every girl loves. Not a greasy look, but a healthy look. I love it.

If you are looking for a product to repair and protect damaged hair, I definitely recommend this Argan Oil Hair Mask. Grab it from Poundland and have a try for yourself. I am almost certain that you will love it. And if you do try it, remember to let me know what you thought about it.

Have you ever tried a hair mask or an Argan Oil product?


  1. I use the same hair mask and love it!xx

  2. I love hair masks! Ive used a similar one to this and its so good!
    Tasha Rose Beauty

  3. Definitely going to try this now, how could I not for £1!
    Thanks for the review!

  4. I used this and although I didn't see dramatic changes, it did leave my hair feeling super soft and looking shiny. Great for a product that only cost £1. I picked up the hair treatment from this range to use after towel drying, I haven't noticed much difference yet as I've only used it a couple of times but i'm hoping it'll be just as good if not better as the mask!

    Aim | x x

  5. I seriously need to try this, my hair needs taking care of better! Love this post and the pictures.


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