Lush is without a doubt one of my top 5 brands for skincare and bath/shower products. Although I do not actually tend to spend that much in Lush, I love to grab a few of their products to treat myself now and then. I find that I don't actually need to buy much from them as their products tend to last me quite a while (except the bath bombs obviously). I love their little pots and I absolutely love the idea of recycling them, so environmentally friendly and it's just such a good idea. As well as that, who doesn't want a free face mask upon returning 5 pots? It's ingenious, especially for people like me who just love face masks! Lush is just one of those shops that I can't avoid. How can anyone stay away from a shop that smells so yummy?

I bought these two products a little while back, one back in January (in London, Oxford Street) and one back at the beginning of July, at my blogger meet up in Taunton. I was convinced to buy the hand cream because it was for a charity for sea-life animals and when it comes to caring for animals, I always put in my donation if I can. I love animals and if one small thing I do can help them, then why not? It's not really setting me back much (only £6.95). The Mask Of Magnaminty was a product I had heard loads about and I just had to try. I can't not buy a product that everyone is talking about.

I have had these products for a little while now and I have had chance to try them out several times. I have so much to say about them, so I will get started now.

Lush New Charity Pot
This is without a doubt my favourite hand cream EVER. When I first bought it, I was absolutely addicted. It is so soft, and it leaves your hands feeling really silky. It contains olive oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, moringa oil, aloe gel, shea butter and lots of other lovely ingredients. They all combine to make a gorgeous scent.  It has a really fresh and pungent aroma that reminds me of something really nostalgic, but I can't work out what it is. It is quite a rich moisturiser as it is not made for the face and so needs to be a little more oily for the body. In the pot, it looks quite firm but if tipped, it does move quite a lot. It is quite runny which makes it even smoother on the skin. 

The Charity Pot hand and body lotion is also self-preserving, so lasts ages! My product was made on the 23/12/14 and it's okay to use until the 23/02/16 which is still about 5 months away. Due to the fact that I don't really tend to use much cream on my body, I don't use a lot of this. So, the fact that it lasts over a year is amazing. Can't go wasting any, so I'd better get using it fast! 

This lotion also has amazing benefits for the skin due to the ingredients used.

1. The moringa oil fights against acne and spots, gives a natural glow, fights wrinkles, and cures cuts, burns and rashes. 
2. The jojoba oil helps to treat acne, psoriasis, sunburn, and chapped skin. 
3. The olive oil is an antioxidant, doesn't clog pores, and enhances exfoliation.
4. The cocoa butter is a natural moisturiser that melts at room temperature (hence why the lotion is quite runny).
5. The aloe gel reduces inflammation and redness which obviously helps with any spots and bites on your skin. 
6. The shea butter is extra moisturising and helps to treat dry skin and preserve the skin's natural oils. 

This isn't even all of the benefits from this one cream...pretty amazing if you ask me. It never fails to keep my hands moisturised for a day.

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty
I don't even know where to start with this product, it has been my massive obsession this past month or so. I have been really trying not to use too much and not to use it too often, but I can't resist.

This face mask has got to be my all time favourite for so many reasons. I love how thick it is, it makes it so easy to apply and it also means that you don't have to use so much. It has lasted me quite a while considering I have used it quite a lot and I still have over half a pot left (I admit, I have been using little amounts though). When I first used this product, it felt like it was burning my skin which scared me a little. However, once I had realised that it was actually cleaning my skin, I was pleasantly surprised. I have had very few products that I could actually feel cleaning my skin. I was fascinated.

This mask contains peppermint which helps to fight against spots, which we all need at times. It is a very strong smelling product, you can smell the mint as soon as you open the pot. It has that very fresh scent like when you crush up loads of mint all at the same time, just heavenly if you ask me. I just love it so much! It has such a fresh smell which joins with the fact that it is a very deep cleansing mask. Peppermint is an excellent toner and exfoaliator which makes it excellent for keeping the skin in tip top condition. It also helps to control acne and makes skin brighter. Who doesn't want healthy looking glowing skin?

As well as peppermint, this mask contains bentonite gel which helps to defend against toxins and reduces inflammation. Once again, great for spots. It also contains Koalin which exfoliates dead skin cells, talc which absorbs the excess oils and honey which helps with anti-aging and mosturising and is also an antioxidant and is anti-microbial. There are so many other beneficial ingredients which also really help to fight against those dreaded spots that we all get at really inconvenient times.

The only down thing with this mask is that it doesn't tend to last very long (unless you get the self-preserving one) as it has fresh ingredients. I am not as keen on the self-preserving one as it isn't as thick. However, this isn't really a problem because it is so amazing you'll probably use it all in a few months or weeks. Definitely a gem to hold on to!

Have you tried any of these products? What is your favourite Lush product?


  1. That mask sounds wonderful - I never used to use face masks but I love popping one on as I watch a bit of Netflix these days - my skin always feels so much better afterwards! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  2. I've only recently bought the Mask of Magnaminty but I love it already! The Charity Pot sounds great, I'll have to pick one up next time.

    Aim | x x

  3. So glad you love Mask of Magnaminity! Definitely a successful purchase! xx


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