Summer. The month in Britain when no one knows what to expect. Obviously, it's highly unlikely we will get a scorching summer, but even predicting each day's weather as you go is almost impossible. Summer is a season that gives me mixed feelings for many reasons.  

1. Unpredictable weather - the problem with what to wear. When it rains or it's dull, it's still too humid to wear a jumper, but too cold to wear a short sleeved top. We can't win. I guess layers are the best bet, but layers are for autumn and of course, we all want to save the autumn clothes for autumn. 

2. What to do with no money. This is one of the biggest problems every summer. All of the places to visit are so expensive and I kind of begrudge paying the extortionate prices. Even the cinema costs almost £9 for an adult now. It's ridiculous. Bring in the free activities please! 

3. The nice weather never stays when I need it to. It's just sod's law that it'll be sunny when I am working, but torrential rain when I have a day off. And then when it does rain on days off, what can I do? Only option is spending money in some inside place somewhere; either way I have lost out. 

4. Festivals. What more do I have to say? Although I haven't yet been to one, I know that it is one thing that many people love about summer. I can't wait to get some festival tickets for next year. Glastonbury is my goal! I can imagine it will be the highlight of my summer. 

5. Summer nights; without a doubt one of my favourite things about summer. I love spending the evening outside in the garden, with family, having a few drinks (and sometimes a naughty barbecue). Spending the whole night chatting is ideal.

6. Wasps. The absolute worst thing about summer. They're everywhere you go. Such nuisances. I've already been stung this summer, due to a wasp getting into my shoe. I mean it wasn't even my fault, the little bugger.

7. Food on the beach. Whether it be a barbecue, fish and chips or a picnic, I love eating on the beach. Watching the waves and the sunset on the evening, while reading a book too. It's just so relaxing. The only problem is the seagulls, make sure to hold onto your food. 

8. Workouts outside. Being able to actually take my mat outside to train, instead of being stuck inside is amazing. It feels so much better being able to see the sun and have fresh air whilst being overly sweaty and out of breath. Gives me a lot more motivation. 

9. It never really gets hot enough to be able to get out the pool or go swimming in the sea. The British weather means that there is always still a chill in the air. It's also just my luck that as soon as I get in the sea, thinking it's hot enough, the sun will disappear for the rest of the day. You can never guarantee sun all day. 

10. Having a long time off can get boring. The summer holiday for students is holiday with many mixed feelings. I mean, who doesn't love time off? But at the same time, it's difficult to keep yourself occupied for the whole 6-8 weeks. Boredom sets in very quickly. 

So yes, that's a few of my mixed feelings about summer and the holidays.

 Do you agree with any of these? What other feelings do you have about summer? 

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