Recently, mindfulness has become a buzzword of some sort. There are hundreds of different mindfulness books and colouring books floating around in almost every shop you go into. Mindfulness originated in Buddhism. It is a very ancient religious practice which helps many religious and non-religious people in today's world. Mindfulness is focusing, non-judgmentally, on our emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring at one given moment. It helps us to accept our thoughts and feelings and adapt the way we think, feel and therefore act in everyday life. Although mindfulness is often used to treat mental health illnesses, is it not just restricted to those that suffer with mental health. Mindfulness has been proven to help all kinds of people. 

Patterned colouring books have become the new craze, although they have been around for a long time. They are designed to help reduce stress and therefore help people to control and improve their well-being. Many students use these books around exam period to reduce stress and to have a slight calming period before getting back onto revision. However, many people also use this in every day life. I came across this book while out shopping and just had to grab one myself. If you are thinking 'oh I definitely wouldn't have time for this' just dedicate 30 minutes a week to sitting down, relaxing and reliving child-hood memories with a colouring book. If you are finding that you really wouldn't have time for that either, maybe you need to find time for yourself, no matter what else is going on. Just 10 minutes a day really can change a lot! 

The first time I tried mindfulness was when I read Ruby Wax's book, Sane New World. I cannot explain how much it changed my outlook on life. It is such an amazing and quite literally life-changing book. I definitely think it helped me to get out of severe negative thinking. Ruby Wax studied mindfulness and psychotherapy for years and so the book is full of important and helpful explanations. If you are looking for a new read and would like to venture into the world of mindfulness, I would recommend that you read this book first! As Ruby Wax is a comedian, she also adds in humour which makes the book more interesting (than it already is). 

Reaping mindfulness into your everyday life can be very helpful and beneficial to your well-being. There are several different ways to do this: 

1. Take a couple of minutes to notice your surroundings and breathing. Use your 5 senses to evaluate your surroundings. 
2. Plan a few minutes out of your every day life every day where you don't do anything. Just sit, relax and be calm, thinking about your surroundings once again. 
3. Slow yourself down at some time, don't feel like you have to be busy for every moment of your life. We all have busy lives, but we have to find time to relax. Take a slow walk once in a while, listen to the birds chirping and take in the fresh air. 
4. Prioritise your well-being. The more often you practice mindfulness, the more beneficial it will be for you. 
5. Be patient, mindfulness doesn't help to improve your thoughts and feelings immediately, it takes time. If you don't think mindfulness is helping, you're most probably wrong, keep at it! 

Have you ever taken some time to practice some mindfulness? Do you think you would ever try mindfulness? 


  1. As I do health and social care, we study a unit all about therapies and my teacher began to introduce mindfulness in to our lessons, but I personally don't think it worked for me. I think I just get distracted too easily, I've never felt comfortable doing anything like that around people in my class especially, so maybe that explains why I think it isn't beneficial for me personally. I will probably give it a go again though :)

    1. That sounds interesting Jodes! I didn't know you would study that kind of thing. It may be that you find yourself constantly thinking, maybe your brain doesn't allow you to have some 'off' time? I am sure you are not the only one that experiences that. I know I did at the beginning, but for me it was something I was kind of depending on and trying my hardest to use as self-help. I know what you mean about doing it around other people, that would make me feel uncomfortable too, I don't like that kind of thing. I definitely recommend trying it again, but in a different environment xx

  2. Do you ever produce a blog post, that isn't as amazing or better than the last? Stunning post Chloe, I don't think Mindfulness works for me because I'm someone who thrives of being busy and always working x


    1. Ah, thank you so so much Nicole! I know what it's like to want to be constantly busy but I definitely think there needs to be a time when we can just relax and think about our surroundings. But, it probably doesn't work for everyone x

  3. This is beautiful. I'm really interested it this and I'm hoping to do it for my options! Thank you for sharing this, everything you write is amazing!

    1. Thank you! Ah wow, a mindfulness option? What as a subject? Or is it under psychology? That would be so interesting!xx

  4. This was a lovely introduction to mindfulness and it's really helped me see how easy it is to put this into practice. I've seen a few of these colouring books floating around and I'd love to purchase one soon, the benefits sound great! This was a lovely post to read, you have a wonderful writing style!!

    Nabeela xo


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