Being an organised blogger takes several lists and huge amounts of organisation. There's so much to keep organised, from emails to blog post ideas to invoices and other financial documents. It is definitely not an easy job to do, but it does teach good organisation skills.

Weekly Organiser and Diary
Personally, I find weekly organisers very useful. I generally use them for organising which posts I want to post on which day. I also use them to organise when I need to have emailed people back by. I make a new page every week. I also use my diary a lot for blogging. I use a diary to organise what Twitter chats are happening when, and what the topics are. I also use it to organise when different events are happening to see if I can attend them in the future.

Blogging brings many emails, whether it be subscription emails, PR emails, personal emails, or update emails, there's always emails to catch up on. I use folders in my email to keep them organised into specific topics. I have 'PR/Adversiting', 'Personal', 'Blogger Emails', 'Subscriptions' and 'Other' to organise my emails. Since I started organising my emails, I have definitely found it easier to find and sort out my emails, keeping my inbox tidy. I delete all spam emails I get through also, to keep my inbox clean, 

Invoices and Financial Documents
I do not have many financial documents and so I do not need to organise them as much as other things. However, they do have their own folder in my blogging folder, named 'Financial Documents'. I would definitely recommend having them neatly organised so that you can keep an eye on what is where just for future reference if you ever need it. 

As a blogger, I have so many pictures to store, it is often hard to keep them organised and safe. At the moment I have them organised by date on my laptop, but I do need to buy a large memory stick to keep them on to prevent my laptop being slowed down. I have the majority of my pictures backed up on 3 DropBox accounts (of course, one isn't enough!). I also have two different folders for my everyday photography pictures and my blogging pictures as I like to keep them separate so that I can find different folders easily. 

Blog Post Note Book
To-do lists and blog post ideas are my nightmare in blogging. I always have so much to write down. I always take my blogging notebook everywhere I go because there's no doubt that the day I don't take it, will be the day I get a genius idea! I always date the pages just to keep track of what I write when. There are so many to-do lists in the book, but they help me so much, I would forget it all if I didn't write it down. 

Scheduling Tweets
Buffer, Buffer, Buffer! I cannot explain how much I depend on this app for getting the majority of my blog views. It is the best app that I have stumbled upon for blogging and scheduling tweets. You can schedule which times you want to post and which days, and it'll post your tweets on those times. When I am really busy and cannot be on Twitter, this app is just amazing! It keeps my blog active, even when I am not active. It is so important to send out your links every few hours if you want to get a decent amount of page views.

Scheduling Posts 
Ah, this is my saviour. As I am going on holiday this week, I will not have time to blog. I have scheduled 3 posts for when I am away, so that I can still have an active blog, but not actually be here. It is fantastic! Best Blogger invention ever! I know that some people struggle with scheduling posts, so I will quickly explain how to do it (skip if you know).
1. Click on 'schedule' at the side of your post.
2. Press 'set date and time' and set when you want it to post.
3. Press 'done' below that.
4. Press the publish button !!

I hope these tips help some of you, but I guess the majority of you already have yourself organised. Is there anything that you do to get organised that I have missed?


  1. lovely post Chloe! I am a big lover of buffer, it helps me so much! I also have lots of different folders for organising my photos on my laptop! However I struggle with secluding posts because mine is in the wrong time zone, so it doesn't work and I have no idea how to change it x

    1. Thank you Nicole! I used to absolutely love Buffer until it told me that I had to begin paying, which I am not prepared to do. I am not using HootStuite as it is free. Ah really? I know that mine used to be the same as that.
      There is a way to change it, go to:
      Language and Formatting
      Then change the time zone to what you are!

      Hope it works and thank you for your comment! xx

  2. I love those weekly planners, need to get myself some of those. Working full time in an office then coming home to sit down blog, schedule, take photos etc, really takes its toll sometimes. Suppose it'll pay to be organised! Great tips :)

    Natalie xx
    Big Society Girl

    1. Ah, they are an absolute life saver!! I can imagine that it does get a bit too much sometimes, but I think if you enjoy it, you'll always find a way to work around it. Thank you Natalie xx

  3. Great post, i am always looking for ideas to help me stay organised both as a part time blogger and a full time student!

    Aliya x | |

    1. Thank you! It is definitely challenging being a full time student and blogger! xx

  4. Love this post! It never occurred to me to write down chat topics in a diary as well as the chat time, what a great idea


    1. Thank you! Ah, definitely try it, such a good way to keep organised! xx

  5. Thank you for this. It'll be a big help with my new blog!

    1. You are very welcome! Thank you for taking your time to read it. Good luck! xx

  6. Great post! I keep an excel schedule showing which dates I will publish each post so I know what I need to photograph/write for the upcoming week xx
    Glossy Boutique

    1. Thank you! That is such a good idea, I have never thought about using excel but I have heard of people using it xx

  7. Scheduling doesn't work for me and it will forever be such a pain in the ass, I don't understand why it doesn;t work! I really need to get a weekly planner, I have a notebook with ideas in it, but it's kind of a mess and I think I need a new one because I tried to organise what days I'd post what and ah it just ended up such a mess. x

    1. Oh dear, I have had that problem before but it is just about the way you do it. I highly recommend weekly planners, that way you can organise yourself one week at a time. Haha, maybe investing in a new one wouldn't be a bad idea.

      Try these steps to schedule:
      Press Schedule
      Press Set Date and Time and set when you want it to post (obviously must be in the future)
      Press Done below that
      Press Publish

      That should work. Good luck with it! xx

  8. Such good advice, and your My Best Ideas notebook is so cute! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't schedule my tweets, it makes things so much easier :) xx


  9. I'm terrible at keeping up with my emails, writing down when they need replies is such a good idea.
    Such a helpful post :)
    Natalie xx

  10. Great post Chloe! Given me a much needed kick up the butt to be more organised! Thanks for sharing!

    Ren |


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