Evidently, ripped jeans have become very popular this year and have become a staple for many people. After seeing ripped styled skinny jeans while I was out, I decided to buy a few pairs while I was on an exciting shopping spree in London, I knew that they would go so well with many different items, I could picture them with shirts, vests, pretty tops, vest tops, kimonos, etc. They are the kind of clothing item that I would say is perfect for pairing with what ever items you like to wear to express yourself. 

I was always a bit nervous that skinny ripped jeans would look terrible on me and make my knees look extremely knobbly or something, but surprisingly, I actually loved them immediately. I have got to admit that I am guilty of over wearing these jeans, but to my surprise, they actually haven't faded. I know that a lot of people tend to go to TopShop to get good fitting jeans, but personally, I am not the biggest fan of TopShop. Probably due to my shape, their jeans just don't seem to fit me properly, so I tend to stick to Miss Selfridge for most of my jeans. These black skinny ripped jeans were actually £38 which is slightly less than TopShops jeans, and in my opinion, better quality. 

The first style I went for was a black vest top and bright orange shirt. The shirt was from GAP a while back in the sale. It is one of my favourite tops and I definitely feel that it adds colour to the look.

I then chose a few styles based around the shirt element. I chose these two shirts I have that are very different. This is another of my favourite tops, I just love the various colours inside the pattern, and the pattern itself. I also love how the polka dot shirt adds a pattern to the look - it's always good to have a pattern in your look. Patterns always make an outfit look a lot less simple and more stylish. 

The next style I went for was a long kimono with the black vest top. Once again, I love the pattern on this kimono, I think it adds another layer to the outfit. I am definitely going to be wearing this kimono a lot in the summer, it would look perfectly elegant when it flows in the light summer breeze. 

Finally, the last look I went for was a more colourful and summery look. The light weight purple summery vest top was definitely the colour staple in this look. I then added a jacket to each of these looks. The first is quite a tribal looking pattern, which I adore. This jacket is perfect for the winter, but not so much for the summer as it is a very fluffy material. However, on the opposite side, I have an outfit that's more suitable for summer. The jacket is quite a light but sturdy one, with pink thread joint into the design. Both of these look perfect with the black skinny ripped jeans.

Orange shirt: GAP sale £12
 Polka dot shirt: Select sale £5 
Blue patterned shirt: NewLook £20
Kimono: Matalan £10
Purple vest top: Matalan sale £1.50
Black tribal patterned jacket: Urban Outfitters sale £30
Pink/grey jacket: Miss Selfridge £25(?)

Just to let you know before hand, I will be reducing the amount I post to once a week as this Monday coming. I have a lot of exams ahead of me and I would like to be able to put my full attention into achieving my personal best. I will also be very inactive and so may not answer all comments, please be patient with me. I will be back blogging two days a week on the week beginning the 22nd of June. Thank you! 


  1. Ooh! Thank you for this post, I've been looking for some ripped jeans for a while and never thought to check Miss Selfridge☺️

    1. You are very welcome. Thank you for reading it :)

  2. I love love them jeans!! I find that the only pair that fit me well are from zara and Topshop but there soo expensive so I defo might try out Miss Selfridge xx

    Ambra xo

    1. Thank you Ambra, I haven't tried Zara so I will definitely have to try there as well! xx

  3. i still don't own any ripped jeans! need to sort this out asap

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    1. They are my favourite, I have two pairs! You definitely should!

  4. I find Zara has the best fitting jeans for me and they're really good quality. My favourite look has to be the one with the bright orange shirt, it's so eye catching!
    Dalal x monochromedaisies.blogspot.com

    1. I haven't tried Zara, I must! I love it too, thank you! xx

  5. Need to try the Miss Selfridge jeans now! And I'm in love with your gap shirt, it's so cute! Xxxxxxx


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