Some of you may have been lucky enough to have seen these boots before, possibly on my London Haul! These are my all time favourite boots, I wear them most days. They go with almost everything you could possibly think of! I know that many people say that boots are just for winter, but I disagree, you'll find me wearing boots all year around! Even in the summer! 

Doc Martens have always been a huge love of mine, but I have only owned a pair since January this year. I just haven't had the chance or the money to buy any before this. I am so glad I decided to buy a pair though, not only one, but TWO - I did treat myself! 

Doc Martens are so easy to style with any item of clothing! I feel that they go especially well with thick jeans, but they go with a lot of other trousers as well. That's why they're so brilliant! Versatile and convenient. I have created a few styles but there are many other ways that you can wear Doc Martens. For example with knee high socks, leggings or even textured tights! Here are my styles: 

Style 1: Rolled up jeans 
Style 2: With tights and a skirt/shorts
Style 3: With shorts and novelty socks (I always find an excuse to wear my cute socks!) 
Style 4: With a short or long dress
Style 5: With a light pair of jeggings 

Are you lucky enough to own any Doc Martens? What is your favourite shoe brand? 


  1. I love your spotty ones, they look so fun! I have the 1460's in black and the 1461's on black also haha
    Dalal xx

    1. They are so fabulous! I love roaming the streets in these, they make me feel like a princess! Ooo they are gorgeous! xx

  2. I love docs but don't own any I really want to order some though

  3. I love Docs but I only have fake ones. I think I'm going to save up to buy some. These spotty ones are really pretty xx

    1. They are definitely worth buying, look out for deals at Office and Schuh!

  4. i love how they look with socks, i've wanting a pair for a long time, but in cherry color.
    The Color Palette

  5. These are gorgeous! I have a few different pairs of Dr Martens but my favourite have to be my bright pink pair :)

    Jordan Alice

  6. I've always wanted Dr. Martins and this has made me want to check the new styles for when payday comes!
    Great post lovely.

    Amy from X

    1. You definitely should! They are such good quality shoes and go so well with so many outfits. I hope you find some you like! Thank you x

  7. I'd love a black pair, I think they'd be a staple in my wardrobe. I love how you've styled yours here, really like the spotty pair!



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