With all of these important parts in my life creeping up behind me, I am definitely in need of some love and care from myself and my loved ones. You are probably wondering something along the lines of 'what does a 16-year-old have to worry about?'. I suppose my answer to that would be exams, followed by exams and more exams. Unfortunately, exam stress is one type of stress that I am particularly bad at managing by myself, and I find that having the support from others definitely helps me along the way. Examinations can make you feel very worried and down at times, which is totally normal. We always need a pick-me-up just to remind ourselves why we are doing what we are doing and to remember that whatever happens will open new opportunities to explore. Lower grades don't result in failure, they just take you in a slightly different direction, and that's okay.

The Easter holiday that has just passed has definitely left me feeling a bit 'meh' - there's no other way to describe it. Not completely down, but not completely revived either. Just somewhere in the middle. Easter consisted of eating myself into oblivion while sat revising, watching the beautiful flowers bloom outside due to the sun deciding to come out to play. I mean, who wants to be trapped inside with their head stuck in a book, writing down tedious notes, revising for exams? I am quite sure that it wouldn't appeal to many. Maybe it is an ideal situation for those who love to study and learn - but not for me. I would much rather be sat on a cute little patchwork blanket in the middle of a vibrant green field, having a picnic beneath the sun with my friends. But maybe I am making life sound much simpler than it is. Life can't be completely full of fun, it would get boring eventually.

As we all feel down sometimes, I thought I would gather a list of things that I do when I am feeling a bit 'meh' to share with you all for you to use when you're not feeling great...

Do something you enjoy
This is something I feel is very important to do once or twice a week (at the least) to make sure that you don't become too tangled in the stresses that life can bring. Dealing with money issues, family issues, education problems, and everything else that life springs on us can become pretty overwhelming at times. We always need a little break just to pick up the pieces and make ourselves up again, before starting back on the road of unexpected events, known as life. The one thing that I really enjoy when I am not feeling great is blogging. It is my way of letting out my feelings and thoughts to give myself more room for other thoughts. It is always good to get rid of some thoughts.

Sit down and watch a bit of TV
Just chill, let the world carry on around you while you sit curled up in your duvet watching a DVD, series or another TV programme you enjoy. I mean, is it really going to make a difference if you're not so productive for one day? Of course not! Make your little spot for the day comfortable and then go and grab a hot chocolate (or coffee/tea) with some cream and marshmallows and then sit down and relax. Find something to watch that  you can really get into and will take your mind off of your worries. Bury yourself in the characters problems, there's always enough of them!

Grab a book or a magazine 
This used to always be a time where I would sit back and grab the latest issue of Company. I am so sad that it ended, it was such an interesting and suitable magazine for people my age, it is not quite the same having an online version. Now instead, I tend to reach for the Glamour magazine and have a flick through that instead. It's not quite as good as Company was, but it's the next best thing. I am also currently getting stuck into Miranda Hart's biography which I got for Christmas 2014 - it is one of the funniest books I have ever come across. Miranda's humour is just hilarious. It is always one book that has me sat reading in a corner, giggling strangely to myself. I love reading, it takes my mind off things for a while, I just wish I had more time to read every day.

Go out and get some fresh air
The sun has come out to play, so why not go out and have fun as well? Head out on a little walk, just explore and see where you find yourself. My favourite place to go is the little forest near me, it's on a hill and on the summer evenings, the sunset is breath-taking. Public forests areas are an ideal place for an early summer evening walk. Breathe in the fresh summer air and look at the beauty that surrounds you, clear your head and you'll be left significantly more energised.

Head out to the gym 
I know, I know, 'exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good'. I know so many people say this and yeah it does take a lot of effort to get yourself up and out, but once you are out you won't regret it. I mean it must be better than sitting at home all day doing nothing, moping around feeling sorry for yourself, right? I'm sure your body will thank you for it after.

I really need to start getting myself to the gym or just out for a jog - I always feel so much better after. It always leaves me more feeling more energised and healthy than before I started. This may seem the wrong way around, but many people would agree with me. Just half an hour every morning sets me up for the day. It leaves me all hot and sweaty which means that I immediately jump into the shower straight after. What more do you need? A healthy routine that makes you ready for the day. I really do need some encouragement to even move from my bed some days.

Add an exciting event to the diary
Fun, something that some of us don't have enough of in our lives. So, why not arrange something fun with your family, mum, dad, friend(s) or siblings? Make plans for the weekend ahead and give yourself something to look forward to after the stressful week at work, college, uni or school. Give yourself a time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Indulge in yummy food
Why not? Food is there to be enjoyed. Get your apron on, bring out all of your cook books and make yourself something delicious. Or, on the other hand, if you're feeling lazy, just order something in, there's no harm in a take-away now and then. Invite a friend over, watch a film while you munch away. Friends are there to look after each other, and to invite over for a movie marathon!

Pamper yourself
Grab that bath bomb that has been lying around your room for months and plop it into a nice warm bath! I am absolutely dreadful for giving myself some time to soak in the tub. I still have bath bombs all wrapped up, left over from Chrismtas gifts. I must find a time to use them soon! If you're not a bath person, paint your nails, cream on a face mask, or what ever else it is you enjoy. Just give yourself a few hours to feel replenished.

Look back over old pictures
Finally, one of my favourite pick-me-ups. Finding old pictures of me and friends/family while tidying my room is always something that cheers me up. I have a little keep safe box with all of my favourite yet terribly embarrassing pictures inside. They always have me giggling at the picture and the several memories of fun times.

What do you do when you're feeling a bit drained and 'meh'?


  1. Totally agree with you on the exercise - I try and get a workout in first thing in the morning - I always feel heaps better afterwards and for the rest of the day I'm more relaxed because I've already put the hard work in! x

    1. I really need to find some time to start some kind of exercise regime. I am glad that you find your time to get that extra boost of feel good hormones! x


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