I always paint my nails on special occasions, but Easter is definitely my favourite without a doubt! I just love painting little Easter bunnies on my nails, they are sooo cute! They are also relatively easy and so it doesn't take too much time to do. However, you do have to wait for a while to let the layers dry. For that reason, I would highly recommend getting nail varnishes that are quite thin and therefore dry quite quick. I used a Sinful Colors nail varnish (yellow), Avon nail varnishes (black and white) and an MUA nail varnish (pink). It is also a good idea to get a base coat nail varnish to prevent staining of the nails.

So, here's how you create these little bunnies:
1. Paint your nails using the base coat, leave to dry.
2. Once the base coat is dry, using a nail art painting brush, draw a semi-circle shape at the end of your nail to act as the bunnies head.
3. Continuing on with the use of the nail art brush, draw some bunny ears that go towards the nail bed.
4. Leave the yellow nail varnish to dry before moving on to step 5.
5. Wash and dry the nail brush and then dip it into the pink nail varnish and brush some inside of the yellow ears. Also, add a little pink dot (as a nose) at the end of your nail on the yellow semi-circle.
6. Then wash the brush and dry it again before dipping it into the white nail varnish and making dots (for eyes) on the bunny's head. Leave it all to dry.
7. Clean and dry the brush again and then lightly dip it into the black nail varnish. Paint a small dot on each of the white spots to act as eyes. Leave to dry and then you're done.
8. Once it is all dry, you could use a top coat to finish it off. It is up to you.

You can repeat these little bunnies on each nail, or just use it on one nail and paint the rest a different colour. I painted the rest of mine differently, using a spotty design.


  1. such a cute little design! lovely tutorial :) Hope you're having a good Easter Sunday x

    EricaRosa Blog

    1. I know, just adorable! Thank you! I hope you had a lovely Easter day as well x

  2. These look incredibly cute, I wish that I was good at doing my own nails haha xx

    1. Thank you! We are all good at different things, I spend many hours doing beauty related things!

  3. These are so cute. I wish I could paint my nails like this x


  4. This is so cute and looks like even I could manage it with my shaky hands!

    Thanks for sending over your blog link - followed!



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