As many of us are aware, prom season is on the way. I have been looking around for inspiration for a prom dress, as I am not sure yet what kind of dress I would like, or for that reason, what would suit me. I do not often wear dresses and if I do, I tend to wear longer dresses, so this inspiration post is mainly for those of you looking for a long prom dress. I also chose to look at long dresses because I think that is the style that most girls tend to go for when it comes to choosing a dress for prom.

I have seen so many different styled long dresses on all of the different prom dress websites. I have also had quite clear ideas in  my head for what prom dress I would like, but then quite quickly, these ideas change. These dresses show a few styles that I am really fond of at the moment.

Long Sleeved 
The long sleeved dress isn't always ideal for prom, it may get too hot and many girls tend to go for more open chested dresses. However, I am really liking the long sleeved dresses because they're very elegant looking, and I have always been a lot more comfortable with wearing sleeves. The long sleeves also allow for a higher neck line which is something I quite like. 

Slim fit/leg slit 
This is my favourite style at the moment, without a doubt. I think that the shape of the dress is very tidy looking and I think that the slit gives it just that extra detail. I am a big fan of the pattern on the darker slim fit dress too, I think it's diverse and looks very pretty.

Embellished mesh top
These dresses are striking! They are perfect for prom because they're not massively over the top, but they're also not under-embellished. However, I do think that these types of dresses can sometimes be a bit risky as they can sometimes look a bit tatty and sometimes the stitching can come off, resulting in the diamontes falling off, which is never a good thing! However, if you do buy from a reliable place, I am sure there would be no problem.

One over arm strap
The over arm strap dresses are simple but very pretty. I think this is the perfect style of dress for people who have a low budget (like me) and also are possibly not that into dressing up all pretty. It's simple, but definitely prom worthy!

I hope this inspiration has helped some of you! When is your prom? Do you have a dress or know what style you are going for? Is anyone making their own dress?

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  1. I love the long sleeved and embellished mesh top ones too xx


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