A few months back, I bought the Naked 2 palette. Now I have to admit, that although I do love the Naked 2 palette, it is not my favourite. Considering the amount of people that rave about this product, personally, I definitely feel that it is over rated. It is a wonderful palette, but it's just not the perfect palette for me. This is not to say that is is a bad palette at all, it is just me saying that I prefer other palettes over this palette, mainly because I prefer coloured palettes and I am not a massive fan of shimmer eye shadows. 

I chose to purchase this palette mainly because of the fact that I had heard good reviews about it and I wanted to try a nude palette. I chose the Naked palette because I knew they were going to be good quality eye shadows, and I was not wrong. These eye shadows are so pigmented and they have a minuscule amount of fall out. I won't go on about this product quality, as so many people have tried this. I will just say that if you do like nude and natural coloured palettes, definitely think about purchasing the Naked 2!

In my opinion, due to the fact that these eye shadows are quite similar, I have only really managed to make one kind of look. I like to use light eye shadows all over with a darker shade at the edge, blending them out with medium shades. These are the kind of eye shadows that look great with all eye colours, but I definitely think that they bring out the blue in my eyes without a doubt! They are absolutely perfect shades for parties, especially when you don't want to look too made up!

I have a few favourite shades in this palette, these are the ones with an asterix next to them in the above picture. 'Foxy' is the shade I tend to use all over my eyelid and also in the corner of my eye to lighten. 'Tease' is a love mid-toned shade which I tend to use in the corner of my eye as a base before the darker eye shadow. 'Busted' is the shade I use in the outer area of my eye. All of these shades go well together. You don't have to be a makeup artist to use this palette well.  

Due to the fact that I like coloured palettes, I am definitely thinking about purchasing the Urban Decay Electric palette because if it is anything like the quality of this palette, I would be very pleased! Has anyone got the Urban Decay Electric palette? What do you think about these two palettes?


  1. One of the prettiest palettes I've ever seen WHY DONT I OWN IT YET :((

    1. It is an amazing palette, personally not my favourite but if you like these shades, I would definitely recommend it!

  2. I love wearing neutrals so I am in love with this palette. I use it almost every day and think it's so easy to use, you can't really go wrong with it.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Ah, perfect! I totally agree with you, it's one for the many makeup beginners and professionals!

  3. It's too bad that it's not your favorite palette, the shades in the swatch pictures look great on you. I love neutrals so I'm debating whether to buy this palette or not haha xx Izzy |


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