For a few weeks now, I have been using the NYX Butter Glosses which I bought near Boxing Day 2014. One of my friends actually found me these in Next during the after Christmas sales. They were on sale at £2 each instead of the usual price of £5, which I couldn't resist. I had never actually heard of these until she mentioned them, but I did want to try some NYX products, as I had seen and heard some good reviews! 

I fell in love with these butter glosses as soon as my friend gave them to me! They are just so amazing and I wear them so so much! They are very versatile and can be used alone, or with another lipstick to add a glossy look. There is such a large range of colours to chose from, so I am just so glad that I didn't have to chose a colour. I am definitely planning on purchasing more colours in the future because they are my new love affair! 

The texture of this lipgloss is amazing! It's so soft and unlike many other lipglosses they are not sticky at all. They are very moisturising and I often use them when I am having a bad experience with keeping my lips soft (especially in the cold winter months). They have a really appealing sweet smell and have a sheer to medium coverage. I think that these lip glosses are named perfectly; they actually do feel like I would imagine butter to feel like if you smothered it onto your lips. It's unbelievably soft! 

Sadly, as you can see in this picture, my red Cherry Pie Butter Gloss snapped at the rim while in my school bag, which makes me very sad! However, I can still use it thankfully!
I would definitely recommend these to anyone who has been thinking about buying them, or to anyone who really wants to try a new lipgloss. I have never been a big lipgloss fan, but these are just amazing!


  1. I loove the Cupcake color! Looks so pretty, I want this :)
    xx, marinasirmais

    1. Thank you Marina, I love it too! I would definitely recommend them! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Alex, I love yours too! xx

  3. angel food cake looks so pretty!!! xxx



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