Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 Review (with swatches)


So, when I first got this palette, the first thing that struck me was obviously the appearance. Although it is a very simple looking palette, it works! I also realised something that I wasn't actually aware of; this palette is meant to be the dupe for the Naked palette. 

When I first used this palette, I wasn't actually too impressed at all. I felt that it wasn't very pigmented and to me it seemed like you pay for what you get. This was when I was using it for a light nude eye and I was mainly using the lighter shades. They just didn't seem to be showing up very well and it look many layers to build it up. However, when I went back to use it again, I used the darker colours, and I was very happy. I feel that due to the fact I am used to using darker and very pigmented eye shadows, I was expecting too much from eye shadows that are meant to be light. Still, it does take a while to build up colour on the eyelid. 

As you can see from the swatches that I have placed into this post at the bottom, shades 1-6 aren't very dark and don't show up very well. I had to apply a few layers to get the to show up. However. these shades are good for brightening the corners of your eyes just to make them vaguely lighter, without making it look hugely different from the rest of your eye.

Personally, I have two favourite shades. I adore the shades 6 and 7 (the ones with an asterix next to them). They're gorgeous golden colours which glimmer. I find that these shades are perfect because they're quite subtle but they can still be seen. I also love to have a natural golden eye, especially in the summer. 

Another reason that I am happy with this palette is that there is a range of different types of eyeshadows: shimmers, and mattes. Mattes are just so useful when blending and creating a natural day look, while on the other hand, shimmers are great for an evening out.

All in all, I would say that this is a good quality palette that I would recommend due to it being cheap compared to so many other palettes. I do not have the Naked palette, but I do have the Naked 2 and I feel that it is better quality and personally, I would rather spend more to get a more trusted, and what I personally feel as a better palette. However, I think I may think about purchasing the Iconic 2 palette by Makeup Revolution as they are only £4 and maybe I might prefer the shades. 


  1. such a pretty palette!

    from helen at

  2. This looks like such a good palette. I recently purchased the Iconic 3 and love it so much too! I also find there is less fall out with this palette than there is with the Naked palettes.

    Rachel |

    1. It is a lovely palette, and it's very cheap too! Ah, I really want to try that one. I love my Naked palette but I do find there is a lot of fall out too!

      Chloe :)


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