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First of all, I wanted to say that I was planning on doing a winter look book for this post but unfortunately I haven't been able to get any nice pictures, so I hope this is a good alternative! Let me know in the comments! 

Over the past year, I have managed to accumulate many Body Shop products and I have ended up with a very broad collection. My Nan used to sell for Body Shop and so therefore I have got a few little bits from her that have been added to my collection. 

These are my favourite brushes of all. I was given these by my Nan as she no longer uses them and I was going to buy some new ones. I adore the eye brushes because there are so many different angled and sized brushes that you can experiment with anything! They are also made from real horse hair which makes them very soft and easy to wash. In this set I also have a few face brushes which I don't tend to use much as I have another collection of brushes that I use for my face. 

Chocomania Soap
I cannot explain my love for this product. It is exactly what it says; it smells of chocolaty heaven and it is just so so amazing! It has little coco pigments inside of the soap so that when you use it, it also exfoliates. I have had a lot of soaps before that have caused my skin to feel very dry and tight after using them but this soap is so moisturising! I also adore this soap because although it is coloured, it doesn't irritate my skin like other coloured soaps have done in the past! 

This is my go to makeup product to make me look illuminated recently. It just gives your skin a really natural glow and it can be used alone, or with foundation and other products. 

I just love, love, love this product at the moment! It makes such a good base to apply makeup onto. It makes me skin so soft and it honestly does make my makeup last a whole lot longer in relation to how it used to when I didn't wear primer! It also makes my makeup feel a lot less clumpy and gives my skin a glow. I'm sure I will be repurchasing this product again!

Now, I have to admit that this isn't really my thing at the moment but I think that as the summer arrives, it could look pretty cool. I received it from my mum in my Christmas stocking. It's basically a little pot with hair chalk inside, and you run your hair through it and it makes your hair pink! It is very pigmented and very bright, but you can make it what ever tone that you would like. 

I have had this product for a while but I only really tend to wear it in Summer as I like to have more coverage in the winter months. It's not one of my favourite products due to the fact that they only provide one shade and because I am quite pale, it looks quite dark on me. That aside, it is a really nice BB cream with a good coverage. I would recommend it to anyone with mid-dark toned skin.

I haven't actually tried this product yet, but if you have been reading my last few posts, you will have seen this in my London haul! I got this product free for taking out a rewards card with The Body Shop! I can't wait to try it though because it sounds amazing!! 

Every year, without fail, I receive lip balms for my birthday or for Christmas. I get so happy when people buy me The Body Shop lip balms because they smell amazing, feel amazing and protect my lips very well. My personal favourite is the Passionberry one because it reminds me of the summer months! 

You may be wondering what's in the little pots? Well, they're free samples I got when I went to London! The pot to the right has a serum inside while the one to the left has an argon oil body lotion. I have been using both of these products for about a week now and I love them both. I think I may even have to purchase them in full! Since I started using them, I have seen a small change in my skin; it has been a lot softer and it feels a lot healthier. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I am hoping to have my winter look book up before winter ends. Hopefully, I can get somewhere nice to take some pictures!

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  1. I have a obsession with the body shop x

    1. Same here! It's amazing and I love that they don't test on animals!


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