10 Things I Love About You!


Today's post may seem a little self obsessed with the fact that it is ultimately about loving yourself, but I believe that the trick to being happy is finding things to be happy about! This post is about finding things to love about you and well, who you are as a person! It's also about finding what you love about the path you have taken in life and also being proud of what you have achieved! 

So, I know that for many people, including myself, this is a very challenging thing to be able to do, but as I said before, it is vital that you find something you love! For example, it may be part of your appearance; your hair, your eyes, your legs, your nails, your lips, etc. Or it could be part of your personality, way of life, religion, life goals. It could be anything! 

It strikes me, that when I type into Google 'what percentage of teenagers are unhappy with who they are' that a lot of information appears about teens being unhappy about their body. I mean this doesn't surprise me, there's so many influences now, not just the media, but many other things. These are things that make us feel like we have to behave, dress, look, feel, be, a certain way. I do believe that the media plays a big role in how we all feel about ourselves, but I wouldn't put the entirety of our problems onto the media. 

We all need to learn how to complement ourselves. This doesn't necessarily mean looking in a mirror and complementing every thing about you, it's the small things that matter! Even if it's just once a month that you sit and think about what you are happy about within yourself. This doesn't involve any friends, family members, or anyone but yourself! It is just so important to take 5 minutes once in a while just to evaluate what makes you happy about yourself! 

I hope that this post inspires you to find things that you love about who you are! To add some more inspiration, I am going to add 10 things that I love about who I am...

1. When I enjoy something, I will keep at it no matter what anyone says - for example blogging, many people at school say things but I have learnt to ignore it.
2, I like the shape of my eyes, I enjoy wearing eye shadow and I feel that my eyes are a lovely shape for it!
3. I like the fact that I still have some stomach muscle left from when I used to dance, it gives me confidence.
4. I am very appreciative of the fact that I have everything that I could ever ask for, a secure family, food, clothes, a home.
5. I wear what I want and I express how I am through that! I am not a crowd follower and this makes me feel unique.
6. I am proud of the fact that I am determined to achieve my goals and future aspirations and I am prepared to study hard to get there!
7. I really like my nails, they grow fast and I love being able to paint them!
8. I am proud that I am a person who accepts so many types of people! I also like that I challenge myself to make new friends!
9. I like my fringe hair, it doesn't always go perfectly but when it does, I really like it! 
10. The fact that I try to support everyone as much as I can makes me feel like a nice person who cares. When people are upset, I put their feelings before mine and it makes me feel amazing when I manage to make them smile again! 

Now I challenge you to make a list of 10 things that you love about you! Don't give up, even if it takes a few days! Then stick the list somewhere you'll see it a lot, to remind you why you're special and unique! 

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