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So, as you may or may not know, I am off to London this weekend. It's to celebrate my 16th birthday and although it was actually on the Wednesday that's just past, I thought it would be a lot better to celebrate on a weekend. I have just finished packing and I have a little bit of time to do a quick blog post to update you all and tell you what I will be looking for/buying in London this weekend! 

I don't know whether any of you share this habit, but I am terrible for list writing. I write lists about the tiniest of things, from what I am going to take away, to which shops I want to go in and where they are. I am absolutely terrible! Anyway, there's quite a few little things that I have got in my mind to look at and possibly purchase. 

First of all, I would really like to try some higher range makeup like MAC because I only have drugstore makeup at the moment, It's very expensive to buy from these shops but I figured that because I have been very well behaved and saved for a long time, I deserve to splash out! I have been looking at MAC paint pots and lipsticks. Also, my friend did buy me a 4 space MAC eye shadow palette for my birthday, which I nearly cried about! She also got me one eye shadow in 'Cranberry' which was the main one I was going to buy, so now I have to get three more (yay)!! 

I am also planning on getting a pair of Dc. Martens because I LOVE them so so much!! I haven't been able to afford a pair as yet and I thought it would be a lot nicer to buy some in London, I am hoping to get either some boots or closed shoes, in burgundy or a purple colour, 

I am also planning on getting the Naked 2 palette because I have never had a Naked palette (I know, I don't know why). I prefer the Naked 2 palette to the Naked 3 because I like my eye shadow to be darker and really stand out. I am a colour girl! 

Finally, I am also just going to shop around for a few random things that I would like. I will probably buy some clothes, stationary, nail varnish, more makeup, socks, makeup brushes, a capo for my guitar, a new mascara, Body Shop things and a lot more! I will be seeing Wicked tomorrow night at the theatre and I honestly can't wait!! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will probably be posting a London haul when I am back. I better get back to packing a few more little things and then go to sleep ready for an early start! I will be back on Sunday night!  

Love Chloe 


  1. I've just nominated you for The Liebster Award! (sorry if you've already done it!). I love your blog and feel you deserve so much more recognition. The questions are on my last blog post if you would like to do it x

    1. Aw thank you that means a lot! What's your blog so that I can check it out?:) x


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