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Finally, I am here with the long awaited London haul that you have all been waiting a week for! I am so sorry to have kept you waiting for so long, its just that by the time school is finished and I am home, it's too dark and grungy to take any decent thank God for weekends! I have managed to take some lovely pictures today and so lets start...this could take a little while!

For those of you who have started reading my blog from this post, I was 16 on the 14th of January and I went to London for a weekend (last weekend) to celebrate! I had been saving for 6 months and managed to purchase many lovely things!

So this was actually the first shop that I found. I wasn't planning on going to Lush because I still have so many products left from Christmas, but I saw a very bizarre thing and it caught my eye. There was a man dressed in a sharks outfit and so I decided to pop in to see what it was all about. At first, I really couldn't take the man seriously but then he told me what it was about. He was dressed up to raise money by selling charity pots of hand cream for a charity which was about animals who get caught in order to put them in sea-life sanctuaries and zoos. The charity worked to prevent those animals getting hurt before they arrive at the sanctuaries. Many animals are hurt or killed in the process, This touched my heart because I hate the thought of any animal being hurt, let alone killed. I am also a vegetarian. I tried the hand cream and decided to buy a small sized pot which was priced at £6.95. It is honestly the softest hand cream I have ever bought.

The Body Shop
The Body Shop was my bargain shop! I went in originally just to get an Instablur (primer) and ended up coming out with about 5 different things! I picked up the Honey brozer while I was looking and asked the lady which shade would be best for me. She tried a few out on me and then she said that I could get the bronzer and then get the instablur half price. I grabbed them both and headed to the till. At the till she asked when my birthday was and I told her that it had just been and so she gave me a £5 free gift that they give people on their birthday. She gave me The Body Shop card for free (they're usually £5) and then she gave me a warming mask as a gift for getting a card. Then, she got me even more! I ended up walking out of the shop with £42 worth of products, feeling very smug that I had only spent £18,95!!

Accessorize & Simply Be
Accessorize was actually another brilliant shop! I bought 3 pairs of socks for £8 (one pair for a fiend). I then saw that they had a 70% off sale on jewelry, so I had to have a look! I saw a camera necklace (£1,80) which I saw and just had to buy. I also bought a few little bits for a friend! In Simply Be I found a lovely heart choker (£1.75), a ring for my friend and a pink flower necklace (£6).

MAC is the ultimate reason that I wanted to go away to London shopping! I gave never, ever, ever, had a MAC product and god I was missing out! I took my 4 pan palette that my friend got me for my birthday and filled it up with 3 more eye shadows (£10 each). I got Swiss Chocolate, Girlie, and All That Glitters. I also then went and bought a few MAC lipsticks that I had heard of from others; Rebel and Creme Cup (£15.50 each). I really wanted the MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick and I tried 3 MAC shops in London but it was sold out everywhere:(

Miss Selfridge 
I love Miss Selfridge! If I had to chose my top 2 favourite clothes shops they would have to be Miss Selfridge and Urban Outfitters! Their clothes just fit my figure so well. In Miss Selfridge I purchased two pairs of ripped knee jeans (£38 each), and a cardigan (£35). I managed to get £5 off and so I saved myself a little bit of money:)

Before going to London, I had watched many beauty hauls and KIKO came up in a lot of them and so I decided it was time to take a trip to KIKO to see what it was all about. Out of all of the shops I had been in, KIKO was definitely the busiest and littlest. I ventured in and had a look around and picked up a few products. I bought 3 eyeshadows for a friend, an eyeshadow for me (£2.90) and two lipliners (£4.20 each) to go with my MAC lipsticks.

While in London, I was on a hunt for some Dc Martens. I tried some on in the Dc Martens store but didn't like the style (or the price for that matter). I asked mum to head over to Office which was just across the road, to see if they had any Docs in there and to check how much they were before I purchased some in the actual Dc Martens store. She came back and told me that she had seen a few pairs for about £55 each and so we all headed to Office. In Office I found two pairs of Doc boots and I loved them. I tried them on and then went to the till to pay for them. I thought they were going to come to £120 but they ended up being £96 for both pairs!!!! I was soo happy! In the official store they were more then £100 PER PAIR!!! I got such a good bargain and I haven't stopped wearing them since!

Urban Outfitters
I love Urban Outfitters soooo much and when I saw it in London I just had to go and look! I went in and they had a sale on which is always a good sign! I looked at the cardigans and I found a few that I liked. I tried them on and decided on one. My Mum also bought one similar to mine. It is so lovely and warm, I just love it! It was only £30 as well which is quite cheap for UO!

Debenhams was the last shop that I went in. I went in purely to find Urban Decay and buy a Naked palette and that's exactly what I did! It was so pretty and clean in there. I wasn't sure whether to get the Naked 2 or 3, but in the end I got the Naked 2.

So that is everything that I bought with my money!

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