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Due to Christmas having just passed, and the Boxing Sale sales having commenced, I have managed to acquire a collection of different Lush bath products which I have decided to do a blog post about. Lush is a shop that I adore and when near a shop, I cannot stop myself going inside. It always smells so sweet and fresh, which I love. Their products are all freshly made from fresh products. I also really like how they have dates of creation on some of their products, along with the name of who made them. It makes me feel like they really care about their products and customers, and also want to make sure that if anything goes wrong, they know who to ask. 

Even though I love shopping in Lush, I have only ever bought the bath products and therefore, I feel like I don't know many of their products. However, I can say that their bath products are all stunning and work exactly how they're meant to. At times I do find Lush a little expensive, hence why I enjoy shopping in the sales. 

I have collected different types of bath products. I absolutely love the appearance of these products:
  • Dashing Santa (bath bomb)
  • Think Pink (bath bomb)
  • Melting Snowman (bath melt)
  • Star Light Star Bright (bath melt)
  • Butter Bear (bath bomb) 
  • Candy Mountain (bubble bar)
  • Snow Angel (bath melt) 
I got the Shining Star bath melt from my parents in my stocking for Christmas (hence why it has a different coloured bag). I then got my Dashing Santa, Melting Snowman, and Think Pink from a friend of mine called Molly. Finally, I bought Butter Bear, Snow Angel and Candy Mountain from Lush on Boxing Day. It was 50% off on Boxing Day and so it was a very cheap purchase. I got Candy Mountain for £1.38, Snow Angel for £1.98, and Butter Bear for 98p. I think these prices are absolutely amazing and I wish that I had bought more!

I will be doing a review on these products soon, so make sure to look out for that :)

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  1. Wow! That's an amazing haul. I love Lush! You left a comment on my blog, but you deleted it.
    Happy Holidays!


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