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On Thursday, for the first time in about a year, my hair had a pamper. For months and months, I have been searching for a regular hair salon to go to. I've been all over the place, but I have never really been that wowed by any I have come across. I like to have a regular salon to go back to, a place where I can trust the staff and products they use. I mean, who doesn't? So, for about 18 months, I have been searching for a regular hairdressers that I can go to when I want a trim. On Thursday when I went to an appointment at FrontLineStyle hair and beauty salon in Bath I wasn't sure what to expect. I wasn't sure whether it would be just like any other salon, or whether it might become my regular...but here's what I thought...

I booked an appointment with a lady called Ellie Frew. She is a brilliant hairdresser. I asked her for some advice on what I should do with my fringe (I am growing it out) and she made some recommendations. Ellie was very knowledgeable and told me about the training she had done, along with the training she is still undergoing. As a salon, they train all of their staff in hair loss, with close links to the NHS. But, as well as that, Ellie is also a Great Lengths hair extensions specialist. As a part of that, she has training about the scalp and certain conditions. I am definitely reassured by hairdressers that speak about their specialist training - it makes me feel like I am in good hands!




Sunday's event was such a fun-packed day that I needed to spread the pictures over a handful of blog posts in order to give it to you all in a suitable amount. I didn't want to ruin the event by cramming it all into one blog post - hence why I have two more coming your way!

If you haven't read the first post about the Bath In Fashion Bloggers Event, maybe pop back and have a read before you go ahead with this one. They lead nicely into each other!


After the Fashion Museum exhibition tour, we returned to the museum cafe for a spot of lunch. We had a lovely choice of sandwiches; hummus and pepper, tuna and salad, or chicken (and something else), which was brilliant! Being a pescatarian, I thought it was brilliant that they catered for meat eaters, vegetarians and pascatarians. The sandwiches were made of lovely thick, brown bread and had really yummy fillings! Along with the sandwiches, we had tea and coffee with biscuits (may I mention the large choice again; chocolate, oat, shortbread...), muffins (blueberry or banoffee) and crisps. It was the perfect bloggers lunch and I was well and truly ready for a long day ahead after.

Once we were all completely stuffed with delicious food we headed off to the shops in our groups. Being a shop-a-holic, this got me super excited! This is where the rushing around like crazy shoppers looking for a last minute outfit began. We had 10 shops to make it around within 3-4 hours. In the shops we had to search for certain themed items. My team - team Erdem (yes, I know, great team name!) - had to search for monochrome and floral items. We had to use these items to make outfits and try them on. So, as you can imagine, we rushed around the shops like magpies searching for shiny items, grabbing everything we could find, and running off to the changing rooms. Once we had changed, we had a quick photo shoot, then it was back into the changing rooms to change, back out and to the next shop! It sounds hectic, but it was great fun!

The shops that we visited were all very unique; some designer, some high street and some independent. This Bath In Fashion event was all about growing the retail industry within Bath; helping local independent shops to grow and bigger shops to flourish, too! So, on our way round, we were also snapping images for Twitter to tweet out all day long!

Blue are a women's clothing brand based at The Loft in Bath. This is the first shop we visited. They have so many unique and stylish pieces in Blue, I found it hard to choose a favourite. I absolutely fell in love with a monochrome dress that had an embellished neck line. Oh, and there was also a stripy top that I could not leave alone. We grabbed a few items and made a few outfits, took a few pictures in the huge mirror (who wouldn't?), then headed off to the next shop.

Ootd At Blue WomensBlue Womens Dress



Bath is a town that screams eccentricity. From it's Fashion Museum to it's fashion events, there's something for every fashion lover! Along with it's history, attractions and cobbled streets, it is a beautiful little town that would be enough to draw most people to it! So, when I was invited to the Bath In Fashion bloggers day, I was completely thrilled and (after a little nervousness) absolutely ecstatic about attending. What more could you want? Meeting new bloggers at an event held in the heart of Bath, by Bath In Fashion, it almost sounds like a dream. And oh my,  I definitely made the right decision to attend!
Bath In Fashion Bloggers Event

The day began at the Bath Fashion Museum where we all met up in the beautiful museum cafe for a briefing of the day and a little gathering with coffee and tea to prepare us for a very busy day. We all mingled within our groups and got to know each other and our blogs. We all spoke about what we do beyond blogging, which was in fact very interesting. The event has definitely left me with new blogging friends that I will keep in contact with!



This week I was lucky enough to be able to meet my friend, Gen, for lunch after not seeing her for nearly 2 months. We decided to head somewhere local that we hadn't been to before, so we went to Boston Tea Party on Park Street, in Clifton, Bristol. Boston Tea Party is a chain of cafes found in some cities of the UK. They source the majority of their products from the South West of England, where the majority of their stores are.
Boston Tea Party
When we arrived at the restaurant, the first thing that hit me was the layout. It has a very rustic and old but authentic look. The units were a worn-wooden material and the accessories were all quite vintage. Upon walking into the cafe, the bar - where you order food - is in front of you, with a few tables to the right and a flight of stairs in the corner, leading to more tables.

It has quite an independent service basis with the fact that you have to grab your own menu, find your own table and then order at the bar. I certainly prefer it this way. We spent a lot of time choosing from the menu - everything sounded so tempting - so it was nice to not be pressured into ordering. I must admit, there's so much I could have had. It makes a good excuse to go back there, soon!



Since I picked up this product from BeautySpin a few months back, I have become totally obsessed with the appearance of my eyebrows. For months, I had just been using eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows, but this product - along with a few others - changed it all for me. I knew it was time to finally 'up the brow game' and that's exactly what this product did.

This Maybelline product retails for around about £5. Personally, I think this is a really affordable price for a drugstore product. There are three shades (and one clear) available - deep blonde, medium brown and dark brown. These shades cover most eyebrow shades, so it caters for most people. Personally, I went for the lightest shade; deep blonde, because I have light to medium eyebrows and I wanted something quite subtle.



Meet My February Advertisers
So, February was the first month that I offered advertising on BATG. It is currently free of charge and I hope to keep it this way until at least May. I have really enjoyed having fellow bloggers advertise on my site and I can only hope that it somewhat helped them to acquire some new followers or viewers. I have always found advertising on other people's blogs to be quite helpful in reaching out to different audiences. I figured that if I had something I could use to help other bloggers out, I would use it. So, that's where advertising came in.

This month I have had some lovely bloggers advertising on BATG. Many of which I hadn't spoken to before. If there's one reason I would recommend advertising on your blog, it's to reach out to new people and find new blogs. There's hundreds of new blogs out there to discover!

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